What Is Happening To Evolve? @TRS Read This Please!


Seriously. Now we have the omnipresent announcer telling people how to use their characters as well as cartoony doodles of the monsters to convey what the friggin’ hell the player is supposed to do? Am I the only one who gives a damn anymore?

This game isn’t an arena shooter. An announcer has no place here. With each patch the immersion of Evolve is thrown in the trash and it honestly is disgusting to me. This once dark, challenging game has now become a game of tag with an overgrown BeanieBaby blasting bright colors in your face.

You need to change the name of the Mode Hunt to Chase. You are lying to everyone calling it hunt. As tedious as it was, in Legacy Evolve you hunted, calling it that still is idiotic and misleading. You don’t hunt in Evolve Stage 2, you shoot a fish in a barrel; a fish whose location you always know.

@TRS I implore you start injecting the fun back into this game and the dark ambience this game used to have. You had a second try at making Evolve great and you have failed completely. I don’t mean the F2P model, I’m talking about the bludgeoning you are giving your own game. How can you honestly make all these changes and think they are good? Flat ugly visual effects, barely anything in the environment reacts to your presence (plant debris and bush debris as in Legacy*) the out of place Announcer practically holds your hand throughout the entire game, bright maps and extremely colorful beams of light that scream “HERE IS A BUFF YOU MORON!”. Seriously what is wrong with you guys? I fell in LOVE with this game on release and religiously played it regardless of numerous bugs, exploits, and downright unfair balance. I’ve stuck by through it all along with many other people who loved Evolve and this is what we get as thanks?

Everytime I see an update come through I get high hopes that you guys will do right by this game and give back some of the creep, some of the actual HUNTING, and visuals that don’t look like they belong in a Source mod and I am always disappointed beyond belief to be met with more bright colors, more dumbed down visual effects, and gameplay so streamlined there is no satisfaction in it anymore.

What happened to the dropship conversations?
What happened to the mystery and anticipation of knowing what you are going up against, only to find out what your enemy is when you see it’s tracks?
What happened to the idea that us players are not complete idiots in need of an Announcer breathing down our neck and constant in-game tutorials and notifications?

It is fitting you call this Evolve Stage 2, because like the monsters when they reach Stage 2, Evolve has become nothing more than a bigger target to fire upon.

Shame on you @TRS


Nobody is going to read your venting if you make it the size of a bible.


Well what am I supposed to say then? How am I to compress the game’s great faults in anything less?


With constructive feedback


Using words like DEMAND and in general wording your rant in a very hostile way (even in the title…) means it’s a lot less likely someone (even less likely a Dev) will read it and ago:

"Oh yeah these are some fine points, I will most certainly take this on board with a smile. "


TRS don’t tend to pay much attention to people who demand they change they game in a certain way, so you may want to rephrase you paragraph.

With regards to your actual points, I’m sorry you feel that way. The game has lost some of that original, eerie atmosphere. Creeping around on an alien planet, never quite being sure when the monster will appear.
But you can’t then make the statement that all the changes made in Stage 2 are objectively worse than legacy. I for one think Stage 2 is the best version yet. And I haven’t even been able to play customs with my old group yet.

The reality is the game needed some love. You complain about lots of things you loved that are now gone, but want to know something that isn’t gone? Players. Many of the changes made make the game actually playable for a group of newer players. I’m actually enjoying my time with pubs for once. Quickplay from legacy days would’ve been a very different story.

This is the path TRS want to take Evolve down now. And while I may disagree with some of the steps, I agree with their vision.


Changed the word demand to a more suitable word.

It just breaks my heart. Seeing a game you once loved regardless of it’s flaws become such an easy game littered with colors and hand-holding.


Hunt is becoming Arcade
And Ranked is becoming legacy throwback called Hunt Beta.

Ranked becoming Legacy hunt?
Goliath Traversal Tracks

Players ARE idiots.

Moreover, they’re NEW idiots, which is even worse. When the game went F2P it was clear that they were trying to bring in a lot of new players. New players who didn’t know a single thing about the game. The Announcer and the character help panels are to help those players.

While I admit that the Announcer is a bit over the top, and an option to disable it would be nice, it’s nowhere near as bad as you’ve made out here. [quote=“Hexin_Ex, post:1, topic:100505”]
What happened to the dropship conversations?

…I don’t know, what did? They’re identical to before…[quote=“Hexin_Ex, post:1, topic:100505”]
What happened to the mystery and anticipation of knowing what you are going up against, only to find out what your enemy is when you see it’s tracks?

Yeah that was a thing since the first Alpha. Not sure what you’re complaining about here.


Look, I tend to agree that the ambiance has sadly taken a dive in the new iteration, and increasingly so between patches, but you’ve got to both tighten up your thoughts and drop the angst.

Get to the point and be objective; you’ll get a lot more traction in your criticisms.


Sorry, I don’t know how to quote small snippets of a post.

The tutorial videos for each character and monster in Legacy were perfectly fine for getting across what the character’s role and utilities are. Having it slammed in your face all the time isn’t fun. Beating someone over the head with a hard hat won’t get them to wear it.

For me the conversations are absent, replaced by the Announcer pulling me to the side and walking me through each character’s uses at the beginning of every match. Yes it goes away after you reach rank 7 with each character and monster but getting there for someone like me who hates the arcade feel the game is going for is a horrible experience.

Back in the early days of Legacy you didn’t have that tacky screen that says “GOLIATH VS. HUNTERS” and shows off what everyone picked. Later on it was added unfortunately taking away some of the excitement of not knowing what was to come. Falling from the dropship to be met with the tracks of a monster sent a rush through your head back then, thinking about how to counter and take down your adversary with what you brought while trying to outpace a monster that could have sneaked off and begin stalking you.

I’m fine with the new-found accessibility of the game. I’m fine with the game going F2P to attract more people. I’m completely fine with the neutering of mode variety. I am NOT fine with the arcade feel of the game. No complexity, no rewarding feeling for a match won with a comp that had a disadvantage against whatever monster you were against. Knowing exactly where the monster is at all times is just not fun. The fear of being pounced from a monster stalking you - gone. I feel as though @TRS has lost their way.


While I can agree that immersion is slowing decaying, TRS basically has to cater to new players. The playerbase right now is amazing compared to what it used to be. If they don’t try and help new players, the way they are now, then the same thing will happen like legacy.


I just want them to put back in some of the creep, the dark atmosphere, the almost overwhelming hopelessness of going up against an apex predator from another world you have almost zero chance to beat without someone there to have your back.

At least an option to hide or remove all the hand holding and over-the-top indicators of what is what in the game. I don’t like how we are being forced to go through what basically is a course that all of us older players are very familiar with, having no option to disable it or opt out of such insulting tutorials to those players who know the game inside and out.

I don’t mean to be so hostile or so full of angst towards the game and @TRS, I still passionately love this game so much and am riding the hope that it will get better and regain some of what I grew to love about it in Legacy, but as each update rolls out it is like being completely ignored by the only people who can help.


Overall my opinion of the OP is:

I share similar strong feelings and while I think certain aspects of the post could and perhaps should have been left to the cutting room floor I also feel it needed to be said by someone. Good on ya OP.


It’s not though. For new players the infographics are helpful and not too intrusive. You can hide them with one press of a button, and they stop showing up once you’ve gotten past character level 7.
The tutorial vids were removed to lower the game’s download size.

To level 7 is about two or three games I’m pretty sure. Not much at all.

Really seems like nitpicking. So you get a monster reveal about ten seconds earlier…Okay then?

The screen’s also there for monsters who missed Character Select reveal and don’t want to walk into a game blind. It serves a good purpose and most people like it there.

I agree that the old Evolve had many wonderful aspects which S2 lacks- the atmosphere was much better and if you were in a group with smart friends it was more fun and more tactical and yes, more like a hunt. But you’re really exaggerating a lot here.


But… the game is FUN. :innocent:


Which would you prefer? Legacy Evolve as it was with very slow patches, a tiny playerbase and New content coming out very rarely OR an Evolve with an average sized playerbase and because of it, frequent patches and loads of new and interesting content.


I don’t think stage 2 is a complete failure, actually quite fun. But the other points, absolutely agree! So much of that feel lost. They are taking the F2P route now, the changes are inevitable, and sad. Game development needs money after all. The bright side is the player base boom. It’s a mix for me. I think devs are most likely sad to give up that as well, but maybe no one can think of a better idea.


A three tier game for “Beginners”, “Main play” and “Competitive”. Each balanced for the different play styles :wink: Easy solution, but downside is much more balance work…


Constructive Feedback > Passionate Anger.
Create a suggestion, TRS will take it into account.