What is going to be next in Evolve. Questions & feelings about the game


Hello everyone hope your all well.

So the new tier of hunters was released as well as the new monster Behemoth…i still haven’t buy him but i got the new hunters, they look awesome same with the monster. Is really Behemoth going to be the biigest monster in Evolve?

What you guys feel that is going to be incoming in the future of Evolve? I know that new maps are on the way or they already have been released?

Also i think they should raise the actual lvl cap…i don’t know what you all think, but it would be could to have a lvl cap “evolving” higher and higher and other features like unlockable rewards (new ones) as a player progresses or score in the game…and it gets rewards like skins, badges, perks, etc.

As some of you maybe know i’m recent in this community not to long i got the game and i know this is a continuous work in progress, i love the game,for someone like me that has not played much many or much FPS games at all i got immersed and attracked by Evolve, and the fact that it is 1vs4 it’s an awesome concept.

The world looks so deadly beautiful, speaking of that maybe one day we could have our gladiatorial matches in other planets? I would love to read more or know were i could search fo official Evolve lore.

The game came out from a Alpha or Pre-Alpha stage to a full release and there is much work to do, sometimes i come log here in the forums and start reading posts, and in some or many people speak and complain about the bugs of the game, in my opinion people are free to express theyr opinions, bugs are out there that is a fact and there are monsters or hunters that are more OP or weak…or map bugs or glitches, sometimes the matchmaking doesnt work properly, for example, lat night i was playing solo and try to find matches, the game didnt show me as a hunter to drop from the ship, the game was already started and i had to pick a bot…i have one question does that happen? I play on PS4 so i don’t know if there is a way to fix that issue.

But all those problems stated above and probably there are others will be fixed and are being worked on…i see here people saying they are quitting, and that is a shame, i dont care in what platform that happens i still think people shouldnt leave in my humble opinion this game already showed that is worth to have time invested in and every time i log into a match i still think this game has a great potencial.

I got to know people here that i added on PS4 and already gamed with not as long as i would like and i also am willing to add new people, sometimes i feel shy and i dont invite people to games because i’m a noob i’m lvl 14 and i dont want to make others loose matches (probably that will happen) , drag them down or be a burden…I only play on PS4 and ID is Splat_NC if anyone wants to add me.

This game offers me the opportunity to be a hunter and have to teamwork with orders in order to overcome and prevail i a hostile world, or i can be a badass looking monster, either way this game is about the hunt, and it’s up to you and what you do that will make you the hunter or the hunted…and i love that simple idea.

Well these were just some of my thoughts. If you guys have any feedback feel free to post it.

Happy Hunting in Shear!


Yes, they cannot make a larger monster, or the monster would not work properly on maps.

Maps are on X-box, not yet on PC/PS4.

When they make new perks, they plan to raise the level cap.

Some player lore.

Quite so. It’s slightly unbalanced and glitchy, but that’s to be expected.


I look forward to further balance and tweaking. I think at the moment, correcting balance is their primary concern (and their biggest focus on the forums).

I immagine more hunters/monsters will show up later this year (but I’m not a developer, so I don’t know what the timetables are for things like that). Each one needs to be coded, and coding takes time.

I also think they will be trying to add another observer slot to matches to help make it easier to run tourneys with web-broadcasting.


A new game mode or two would be nice,and better rewards for leveling up would be fantastic. I know this has been discussed in many threads already,and personally I’m having fun just playing the game,rewards or no,but unlocking new skins (other than the elite) or…something…seems like a thing that should be added,maybe once they raise the level cap? It just seems odd that with most of the characters the very first thing you unlock when you rank up with them is a brand new hunter/monster,that’s exciting! That’s potentially hours and hours of new gameplay! But after the first rank with t1 and t2 characters,you get badges and slight stat boosts (and eventually the elite skins I mentioned earlier) and…that’s it…I just thought it was kind of strange that the biggest,most enticing rewards are the simplest things to unlock,and afterwards there’s not much left to look forward too.