What is contextual melee and how do I control it?


I’ve seen things said about it but would like some insight to this. There is definitely a way to decide what melee attack you use especially when killing wildlife. I know that I can be controlled because I watched a monster player do it on stream. Can anyone shed some light? @SlinkyGuy @SledgePainter @Macman


I love that you tagged the Mods as opposed to more devs.

As for contextual melee, I don’t know.


Well I wanted to bring it to their attention not so much for answers. Instead have them sticky it in case there happens to be some incredible information here.


I don’t think there’s that much to it - From what I gather, what swing the monster makes depends on your relative position to the opponent in question. I don’t really think it matters that much since the melee attacks are more or less interchangeable, it just exists so it looks nice instead of having a single sequence of swing animations.

I could be wrong mind you.


I know macman said they added one to behemoth activated when he comes out of the roll by a melee activation


For Goliath for instances, you have 2 versions of attacks: normal and heavy. They work in a sequence Heavy -> Normal -> Normal -> Normal -> Heavy (cycle repeats).

Now, the trick is in controlling the Heavy Attack refresh timer … once it fills up the next attack will come out as Heavy.

Thats how people manage to do it.


Any idea what the cooldown is?


I get the feeling its around 6 or 8 seconds.


I believe @Essen is correct here. I don’t know of a way to specifically do a certain melee strike, it just happens in a sequence.


Right. Not sure about how the sequence progresses exactly, but I saw MacMan (Nope, not tagging) posting it somewhere.

In my mind, it’s:

Normal–>Normal–>Heavy–>Normal–>Normal–>Heavy (repeats)

So yeah, that’s that.


We will have to test it to be sure in the following days.But its good to know


Thanks for the feedback guys. I just want to know how to use it to my advantage whether I be Hunter or the hunted. I will be trying to figure this out really hard when the game comes out. Will update if I find anything.


I think your first attack in a sequence is a heavy attack and if you stop swinging for like 5 seconds, I think the pattern resets, but please don’t quote me on this


Contextual melee refers to the animation process and the game picking the correct animation to make the melee look fluid based on what you are aiming at and where you are swinging at in relation to your body.

There’s an old thread around here somewhere back when the Interactive Trailer first popped.

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There are, in fact, different monster attacks. The attacks are: normal, heavy, spinning, backwards, anti-air, and incapacitating. Keep in mind that the attacks may have slightly different properties per monster.

Normal attacks have many animations, depending on where the hunter is when you attack, but are all the same. They’re fast, have normal damage, and short range. The only difference between the animations is the type of knock-back. (Note: some normals will send your monster forward, like a heavy attack.)

Heavy attacks occur every couple of seconds, and they’re slow, have long range, and high damage. This is the attack you were originally looking for to be efficient at killing wildlife. Simply coral wildlife together, then smack em all with one strike.

Spinning attacks are when you try to hit sideways. These attacks take a tiny bit longer than normals, but knock back farther, and slightly more damage.

Backwards attacks are when you attack directly behind you. They’re spam-able heavy attacks, but obviously you cant combo the same target twice in a row.

Anti-air attacks are basically normal attacks, but if the hunter is very high up. Your monster will swat them out of the air and send them flying.

Lastly, incapacitating attacks are also normals, but will proc if you attack does enough damage to the incap them. You’ll grab the hunter, then after a delay, slam them in to the ground. This has a long animation, but you can move while holding the hunter, meaning you can position where they’ll be downed.

While we’re on the subject, there also also three types of knock-back: away, downwards, and upwards. Regardless of the type, if any hunter is thrown fast enough and hits a surface, they’ll be stunned and stick to it for a second.

Away sends hunters directly back regardless of where they are vertically, and generally the farthest. Downwards send hunters diagonally down, and usually moderate distance. However, hitting hunters who are on the ground with a downwards attack sends them father than even away attacks. Upwards attacks almost always have the least distance, but hurl hunters in to the air. If a hunter is already in the air, however, they get sent very high (…they go to space).

Hope this helps further your gameplay understanding, and how to control/counter it.


Well are there any specific controls to trigger said attacks? If I so, this is definite utility that will set apart the good monsters from the great ones. Thank you for that reply. It was very enlightening and informative.


Awesome post. Do you currently have access to the preview demo? I’d love to test some stuff with you in-game tonight if you are available. PM me if so.


Would have been nice if more of those went out. I wanted to start a youtube channel with it while everyone had a bunch of downtime between the beta and the release. Now I’ll nevah be populaaahhhhhh lol


I guess I could try to clarify, I thought it was pretty straight forward though.

Normals occur by just pressing the attack button. Heavies will automatically happen instead of normals when available, but are over-ridden by all other types. Spinning attacks happen when you hit to the left to right of where your monster is facing, same for backwards. anti-air attacks happen when hunters are too high for normals or heavies. However, it wont attempt it if hunters are way above you (so you can hit other targets in front of you). Incap attacks will always happen when your normal does enough damage to down them.