What is C-Bucket and E-Griffin?


are they the next new adaptions after EK? Or are they just fan adaptions that gained quick popularity? Thanks in advance.


Confirmed adaptations.


C-Bucket is the Chum Bucket, E-Griffin is Electronic Griffin, Microsoft’s answer to Apple’s I-Griffin.

…Ok, that’s actually not true, they’re adaptations that are set to appear in the future. Probably with TU9.

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@SirKeksalot is right, over in the “So you’ve been talking about…” thread Brandon stated those two names. We don’t know anything else about them other than they are coming at some point soon after TU9.


Is there any pics of them? confirmation on what they do? why is Trapper and Support going before Assault and Medic?


Remember, this is a mostly family friendly site.


I really want to see this!


There is no word on what is coming out first or last or whatever. We don’t know at what pace adaptations are going to be released, we know nothing except for these two names that have been given to us :slight_smile:




"All hail Plankton!"


Oh wow I’m excited now that this is confirmed. Wonder what their new gear will do


But don’t we allow obscenity here?


Obscenities are fine, that’s why I said mostly family friendly. :slight_smile:


Hm. So the rule of thumb is, if it has anything even remotely sexual-related, don’t even think about it you dirty console peasant?


That’s a pretty good rule of thumb. Not sure about the console jab though. Behemoth might take offense. :stuck_out_tongue:


Elder Griffin


Hey look, it’s Kala! She’s got the body of a male and the head of an Elder Kraken!


Excuse me while I laugh my ass off at this, and later attempt to deal with nightmares.


Captain Bucket. He just stays in the ship and flies it down to pelt the monster with turbolaser emplacements. Probably going to get nerfed in the first week IMO.


nah, just make it so he can’t make any critical hits and he’ll be fine!


Combat Bucket? UAV = Attack drone?