What is balance?(polls, pls vote)


So, I’m working on a side project, and I need YOUR help. Basically, all I need you to do is to vote what period/patch felt the most balanced to you?

Now I know this might be slightly difficult, seeing that all you have is your memory, but I have a resource for you to use that could jog your memory.

This thread:

may be of assistance for you to choose what period felt the most balanced to YOU. Whatever you interpret as balance, please voice yourself down below.
######P.S. The period names are drawn from the thread mentioned.
######P.S.S If you haven’t been here since release, your vote still matters! Thanks

  • Release(Feb 12 - Mar 24)
  • Spring Cleaning(Mar 24 - Mar 31)
  • The New Guys(Mar 31 - Apr 9)
  • Tuning Tier 4(Apr 9 - Apr 30)
  • Settling Dust(Apr 30 - May 14)
  • Holding the Dome(May 14 - May 22)
  • Arena(May 22 - Jun 9)
  • Competitive Growth(Jun 9 - Jun 22)
  • New Royalty(Jun 22 - Aug 10)
  • Overhaul(Aug 11 - Sep 2)
  • Adapting(Sep 2 - Sep 24)
  • Winds of Change(Sep 24 - Nov 2)
  • Wayward(Nov 2 - Dec 15)
  • Comma(Dec 15 - Current)

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Thank you very much and happy new years,

Chrono :sunny:


Game was never and will most likely never be perfectly balanced. But imo the release was as close as it was gonna get to balanced.


There was a nice time as well yes, almost no hunter nerfs…


Game was actually more monster favored than now back then. No cancer comps, at high level monsters actually won from time to time. Pretty rare now.


I love how you cry over hunter nerfs in a hunter favored meta.


There are a lot of monster in hunt 2.0 leaderboards who have 500 wins and only 20 loses. They are in Gold.

For me it feels really easy atm when I play Kraken. I fight often Silver Experts up to Silver Elite.


I’m sorry but I meant ESL,TGL etc with high level. Not “gold ranked” monsters boosting their ranks off of random pub teams.


I dont get this. Before it was often better for us.
For sure we still win often but there was a time where it was just easier on hunter side.

I dont cry I have still fun.


but but gold ranked monsters or hunters are high skilled.

but you get matchmaked with other high skilled hunters so its not that easy to fake it :smiley:


Well, cry isn’t a good word for it. Complain is a better term.

Anyways, it honestly sounds like you want it to be Hunter favored. Which it shouldn’t be. People play monster too, y’know.


Also, this is false.


5.0 was by far the best


but it is unbalanced since sunny showed up


T4 hunters threw balance way out of whack. Before them the OP things were cabot and wraith, who were both annoying but could be handled.


Her in high level, it does not feel hunter favored. That’s just my two cents.

I’ve talked about why I feel this many times, don’t feel like writing a book on my phone lol


Imo the game hasn’t ever been as balanced as it is right now. The game feeling balanced at points because until the end of that period people hadn’t learned to exploit it thoroughly isn’t, imo, real balance.


I say at the beginning this game was more balanced (except Wraith) so there we agree all right? But you guys are saying at this time the game was more monster favored as now. For me it feels exactly different.

Of course I play Monster as well and I think it was never that stressless as now. Monster has Armor at evolving, bucket only three sentry guns anymore, lazarus is nerfed (body decaying), Maggie only three harpons. I just take Kraken Lightning Strtike, Aftershock, Banshee first hunter down honestly for me monster never was that easy to play like now. At the moment I am on console so maybe there it is just easier as Monster right now.

Gold is not hight level, thats what I learned here :stuck_out_tongue:

Also so true…


Evolve was not most balanced at release. People just got enough practice and Wraith and Cabot outshined all the unbalanced things. Not to mention that some hunters\monsters like Sunny where not released.


Currently I think evolve is the most balanced its been since release . I’m pretty content with the balance of the game right now, I’m happy TRS are still working so hard to make what they can perfect . They’re doing a fine job .


T4 caused a lot of balancing issues. I voted current because we didn’t have all the content since release(not that we do now) but I feel I am able to use more characters than before without screwing over my teammates in earlier patches.