What is a good Comp for Slim? Other questions


Im like, 80% close to eliting Slim and im Having a ton of fun with him…

So I got a few questions.

Should I take capacity or reload?

And what other hunters does he synergize well with?


Take Health Regen.

Sunny is good with Slim if he’s got Regen. If not, go Hank. Hank is still fine with Regen too though.

Maggie and Jack are good with Slim too. Parnell and Lennox I’d say are best with slim.


never ever waste your time putting a bug on lenny if the person picks her… Since she is so close up, the bug gets destroyed instantly, which is wasting precious time… Stay close to assault as possible…

Always have a bug on support/trapper


I feel that Slim works best in a really offensive composition. Go hard or go home! Pick Cabot, Parnell/Torvald and use stasis trappers for the best in keeping monster mobility low all the time, especially in spore clouds.



Hmmm. I need to try Health regen then.

But 12 shots on the Leech gun is pretty cool.

Thanks for your input guys.

Anyone got any tips?


I always take Quick Switch or Reload. Mostly it depends on how good my team is and what Support we have. Quick Switch for faster item use, but reload if I want to focus on only healz. Health regen is good for lots of people, though, because he doesn’t have good self-sustain.

Without a good Support, Slim’s life can get tough, so I recommend a Hank. Sunny is also good, but people don’t like fighting her (understandably). Other than that, Jack and Mags are good choices. Assault doesn’t matter.

I also agree with @niaccurshi in that he can go full offense and still do well. You have to have a good Trapper, though, and focus/area denial. Torvald and Lennox are good here. Jack is always a good pick with Slim, but for damage, Abe or Crow alos do well.


Yes. Don’t hide in the Spore cloud all the time. That’s a limited area and the Monster will find you in there. Instead, hit the Monster with them and run around anywhere you want because he can’t smell you anyways. The Drone also has amazing healing. Use that often for Hunters not in immediate proximity or when not in combat. Reloading takes only a moment, so switching to the Spore Cloud Launcher from Leech Gun when it’s on reload makes use of the time you aren’t firing for healz. Don’t go to a Hunter to revive, instead, throw the Drone at them and focus on healing the Hunters that are already up. Be careful not to stand near it, though, because one hit from anything will kill the Drone.
One thing I cannot stress enough: Don’t tank damage. Seriously. He cannot get himself back up quickly. Rely on your team for help.


I find that Slim is a particularly focusable medic, since he personally has little self sustain that doesn’t highlight exactly where he is. Rather than Health regen I’d consider a movement based perk so that when you need to quickly get out of danger you have everything in your power to do so.


Why would you say take health regen over something like capacity or reload? I just would like to know why you suggest this with sunny is all.


Slim just doesn’t heal when the monster mitigates. It’s too slow. A monster could land a rock, run away, use a leapsmash, run away, and then come back and slim could be killed by a few melees.
Health regen allows him to recover health when the monster isn’t in the teams face. With Sunny, who extends the time Slim can dodge, allows the health regen perk to be viable when the monster is focusing as well. All the other perks don’t really help slim as much as regen does save maybe quickswitch.


Yesss. Someone who shares my opinion.


I like capacity best, but reload, quick switch, or a survivability perk are good too. But remember that capacity, reload, and QS benefit your team as well as you when it comes to healing/utility.

Hank is a great support for Slim. The shield lets you heal back to full really fast since the monster is in your face but dealing little to no damage. Sunny is good for similar reasons.

One thing people don’t realize about Slim is that he works pretty well with deployables. The spore cloud prevents the monster from smelling harpoons/turrets and makes mines harder to see. So Maggie, Markov, and Bucket will work well with him. But Bucket is pretty meh at the moment and Slim’s healing is inconsistent so you may have some trouble making a deployables + Slim comp work.

If you want to get really cheap, you can also combine the spore with hunters that create a lot of particle effects. Hyde, Abe, Sunny, and Slim is really hard on the eyes.