What in the hell did you do to Hyde's Minigun?!

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I have no words for the indescribable horror you have committed against Hyde’s wonderful minigun.

Not only does it deal tickle damage now at a very slow rate, it sounds like a piddly 7.62 machine gun.

Where’s the BRRRRRRRRRRRT? Why did you get rid of the BRRRRRRRRRRRRRT? Bring the BRRRRRRRRRRRRRT back!

I should mention Hyde was my main character through Evolve’s entire lifespan, and now it pains me that I can’t hear him babbling nonsense and screaming while BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRT-ing.

Hyde's Minigun/Flamethrower & Goliath's Fire Breath
Why did you change hyde's minigun?

I cri errytime.

I do miss that mini gun sound. I mean, it sounds good and it works… but I miss my minigun. ;-;


I like the chunky sound it makes now but my big complaint is the sound is very sloe in comparison to the fore rate. At least it sounds like it to me.

Does it sound slow to anyone else?


The first time I heard it in a game i thought it was lennox’s AA gun.

its possibly the only change I REALLY don’t like in stage 2.


It does sound like her AA gun! Far too slow for something as rapid as his gun.

Any of these would work fine.


I like the one at 8 seconds


Another patch… but no sound change.

Still sad.

Change it back. :frowning:


Hyde’s mini gun is better in EVERY WAY.


The old sound was more natural.


I remember making a thread last year to get them to change the Minigun sound from beta to the one in the earlier videos because it sounded better. Now they changed it again. :frowning:

The previous Minigun sounded like an actual Minigun.


Yup. New is way too slow.


We need the BRRRRRRRRT back.


BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRT is my new favorite word.