What improvements will await us in the Closed Beta?


I’m sorry, I couldn’t find a thread with everything in it so I just wanted to gather information about everything what will be different/improved in the Beta.

I already know from maps but I would like to hear about FPS improvements, Matchfinding and especially playing with friends


FPS spikes (Usually happened during fights) have been optimized a bit to what I know of. Matchfinding is normal, Alpha just didn’t have the right playerbase to make even matches.


I’ll correct you on that, it was improved and fixed, devs confirmed that.

Another thing is that 5-player parties on pub servers will be allowed.


But what has been nerfed/buffed? Have they answered that on a different topic? I heard Lightning Strike is weaker now, but how much etc?


5-player party on pub servers is allowed on PC BETA? @MacMan @SlabOMeat

Can you confirm or deny?




Awesome! :smiley:


Nobody threw numbers, but Kraken got tweaked quite a bit from what I’ve understood. Hitboxes fixed, fire rate on the flight attack downed, damage on some abilities slightly downed.

It should be a bit more balanced, I felt like Kraken was slightly broken in Alpha.


If we have four players, could one of us be a monster? It was “blocked” in the alpha to play the monster when you have friends in your lobby and just happened rarely by chance. Also, will I be able to find another player-something what hasn’t really worked during the alpha.


If there’s four of you, the system will rather prioritise getting you in as a Hunter team. It’s not really a bug, just a preference setting.

And the matchmaking got fixed. Even in the Alpha.


Atleast here in germany, even one friend of mine and me weren’t able to search for a lobby until the end of the alpha. He had to join as fast as possible in and open lobby. It was a drag to find some emty lobbys. But if it’s working now, it’s ok.


Heh… Only “Slightly” broken :3


tfw @SlabOMeat uses boldness to bypass the 10 character limit…


I haven’t heard very many changes aside from Kraken. Would be pretty neat to see a full change list. Just to kind of see everything that has happened, both the big and small details :smiley:


Quick unrelated question, I was in the PS4 alpha, I’m wondering how I’m supposed to be contacted for the technical test? Will I be emailed a code, or another sign up sheet, or will it just show up in my library or what? Because the circumstances I got my code under were a little confusing; you gave me a code, I didn’t get my original code, but then I did, two of my email accounts were involved, one for 2k and one for gamestop, and I’ve deleted the big alpha client since it ended. I’m not sure if any of those are going to make it difficult for me.


That alone got me through the 10 char limit. :smiley:
I think the only things that have changed are some number tweaks and some minor tweaks.


That was one of the reasons they had the Big Alpha! To stress test servers etc etc so they could become more stable and therefor better the experience in matchmaking :D!


I hope they are better because trying to find a game was the worst part of the alpha.


Is no one worked about boosting anymore? 5 player private games seemed fair enough to me. I’m picturing tons of people loading the game and playing for 6 hours just maxing everything out with no actual effort.


If you want to do that with your friends, I don’t see any real issue, if that’s how you want to play the game.


Maxing out character for the sake of zooming past all the competition seems cheap. Especially if it can easily be prevented. Playing the game that way to get a leg up on everyone else is ridiculous.