"What Ifs" for Evolve

Ever think to yourself “What if Evolve had/did…” Well now you can write your ideas here; let your imagination run wild here. I’ll start the discussion off. What if in the future, some old and new concept art could be used as a skin for some of the monsters?

What if, somewhere in the vastness of the entire Universe, there really is a place that has Evolve actually happening?


What if Evolve had vehicles?


I don’t think the appearance would make it into the game because that means totally changing the way each monster looks and moves. The color palate, however, would be awesome. Just imagine playing as a white Goliath with blood colored hands and forearms.

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What if you could customize the visual flair of the game (cel-shaded, noire, etc.)?

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What if the eggs could hatch any of the Monsters?


lol what if we are really using clones of real ppl and defeating this race slowly. enders game style.

What if trs had EA’s financial backing of 100 thousand dollars like destiny does. visually changing evolves per points you spend !! :cry:


Now there’s a great idea!


What if, in the future, we get to have a playable robot in every class?

“All the humans are dead. Bring in the robots.”


But Robots don’t care about Unobtainium :slight_smile:

What if Evolve has a hidden easter egg or command that, when found, makes all the characters turn into cupcakes upon death like they did in the past?

The name of the title is ‘What ifs’ meaning not in the game already. :stuck_out_tongue:

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What if Evolve held another contest but this one being the idea of the 6th Monster rather than just naming it alone?

But Bucket cares about his friends! :grin:

I didn’t know anything like that had been confirmed XD my apologies. Or was it sarcasm? I couldn’t tell.

That would be cool. I believe one of the old concept arts used to look like that.

what if i really am the #1 monster player o.0


It was sarcasm, sorry :stuck_out_tongue: Although, it DOES seem like something that is pretty plausible.

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Back when he was a Scorpion, yes :smile:


What if…

Evolve’s app is really TRS’ take on the Mario Party Franchise, and there’s a mini~game where you play as Iron Chef Hank? The contestants would be his fellow hunters while the judges would be the Monstars?

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