What if you could redesign a monster?


This isn’t a plead to TRS to do any of this. It’s just some thoughts that I have developed while playing Monsters.

I’m only going to do Behemoth here because I want to hear what others think about all the Monsters.

I would double his armor amount for all stages. I say this cause I think we all know by now that armor doesn’t do much but buy time. And with Behemoth, supposedly, being a tanky brute I feel his armor simply isn’t enough for the amount of time he is exposed to the Hunter’s in a fight.

I would give him 10% damage resistance, and an additional 10% at each stage up, base before perks or buffs.

Rockwall simply needs some tweaks to it otherwise I don’t have a problem with it.

Fissure as well is fine, but if I did change anything to it I would make it more cone shape as it travels out instead of being a straight line, increasing the chances of hitting with it.

Tongue Grab I would make more like a ‘net’. Where the tip of the tongue split into four parts and increase the radius of the grab range. As well it would actually fully pull anything target straight to the Behemoth, not just fling it at him.

Lave Bomb I would completely throw out. It sounds nice on paper, being able to throw it halfway across the map and create AOEs, but it is easy to dodge at range and only truly effective at med to close range, either behind the Rockwall or in a tunnel. Instead I would make it akin to Golaiths Flame Breath, It would keep the AOE creating effect but would look more like spewing lava that can be aimed around thus creating larger AOE areas.


They’re adding more health and armor to behemoth. They’re also giving lava Bomb a faster casting time. He’s also getting a smaller a WeakPoint and the roll spam heavy attack is getting removed.


I am aware of those coming changes when I posted this. All this is is a “What if” kind of thing.