What if we make Gobi function similar to Daisy in terms of counterplay?


Hi everyone, I originally made this on the Steam forums but THISain’t [GE] suggested I should post this idea here.

So I’m just throwing a wild idea out here, but what if Gobi was changed so that you still throw him in a line like now, but then when he finds the monster he circles/follows instead of despawning. He can then however be killed by the monster and has to be revived. Alternately if you don’t want to risk his death you can recall him back to you but he has to fly all the way back instead of magically teleporting. No cooldown time, just the time it takes either for you to reach and revive him, or for him to fly back to you. Duration of tag would initially remain the same as live subject to balance of course, beginning to tick down as soon as Gobi dies or is recalled.

Now, as for the specific death state, this would have to be carefully balanced. If you make him die too easily then it could be too punishing for Crow to let him circle at all ever, but if you make him die too hard it would be too punishing for the monster to stop from being permatracked.

One possible solution would be to make him easy to “kill” but he never permanently dies and can always be revived. This gives you downtime to escape evade hunt and feed, but never deprives Crow of his tracking tool outright.

Another solution could be to make him permanently killable (until next drop ship of course) and difficult to kill (at the very least shield drone level of durability), but make his health remain on recall - so if you damage Gobi he has to be healed by the medic before he can safely go out again.

Yet another solution could be to make him permanently killable (until next drop ship of course) and difficult to kill, and on recall his health returns to full, but have the recall command delayed by X seconds so that he must be preemptively recalled to avoid risking his death.

Feel free to leave constructive criticism and feedback, please try to avoid needless insults/flaming.



I like the way Gobi is now. c:


I do too, but I don’t really feel that the monster has much choice in the matter. Once you spot him or get a lucky guess it’s just run run run with no respite


I like the fly back to you idea.


I like gobi as is. If seems to me like bucket’s uav is 100x more effective. Follow, find and lock.


I really don’t think it’s necessary. Gobi has counters just like all the trackers.


I think the main issue is giving Gobi an AI to allow the monster to hit or track the bird with smell. And even then, hitting such a small, evasive thing, would that even be worth the time?


Gobi is fine as is. You just can’t run away in a straight line as the monster. You need to circle around obstacles.


Even though Gobi is a creature, people must think of him like a tracking aid in the same way as dust tagging, abe’s tracking darts, or sound spikes. That’s the field he exists in. Monsters can avoid Gobi by playing smart. Taking zig zag routes before doubling back, sneaking a lot, being smart about where and how to run when the birds inevitably descend on your eating.

People are having an issue with Gobi because they’re trying to counter it using the same techniques they use for all other hunters, and surely the whole point of new hunters is to shake up the tactics you as a monster need to use?


You can hear the beeping when gobi is nearby so if you do try and create some distance if you think he’s gonna be right over your head or if he’s gonn ust be in range to detect you