What If We Had More Minions? (e.g. Wraith Minions)


i know the title is misleading. I think we should get more than just goliath minions. We need wraith, behemoth, gorgon, and yes, even kraken. maybe just randomly generated in nest so that all eggs are different. i dunno.


This was originally how it was.

Trust the Devs though, they tested it and for balance and design standpoints. It’s not viable because of the issues it causes.


i dont understand


it doesnt seem like it’d create many problems


If the playerbase was higher, I would support 1 stage 3 monster and 1 stage 1 monster but both human controlled, with the prospect that they make improvements on the turrets (to balance it).

The stage 1 monster (if killed) would then need to wait till he can spawn again.


Behemoth is significantly larger than an egg, how would you explain him exiting a Wraith? Plus if you had a Kraken or Wraith AI then it could be stronger or weaker than a Goliath.

Goliaths are just the most well rounded Monster for it to be. They tested this idea in the past and left it on the cutting room floor because it just simply won’t work, from a balance perspective and from a gameplay design perspective.

  1. This would require a whole new rewrite of the lobby system.

  2. He’s referring to Nest, not Defend.

  3. Please stay on topic. If you wish to discuss your idea then please make a thread. :slight_smile:


Actually, he’s talking about minions specifically and giving Nest as an example.
And going further on the whole, what if we could have different minions, my own thoughts on how this could be more balanced but fun. Just my input, if a moderator deems this totally off-topic, he’s more than welcome to move it.


I changed the title so it wasn’t misleading :wink:

Honestly I want this too, but it makes more sense to just have a Goliath as a minion


Your ideas aren’t on par with this thread’s purpose. That makes it off topic.

I’d like it if we had more monsters in different eggs, but for the reasons Shreddzy listed, it just can’t happen. It’d definitely be cool though!


Not to mention it fits better from a lore standpoint.


Does it really? How so?


The eggs are supposed to be transport pods, so it would make sense if every Monster came through them. Not just Goliath.


True, I thought too far ahead of myself. I shall try to refrain myself in the future, for may I otherwise meet a gruesome fate. (better?)

Now, the original post talks about how more minions would be fun (everyone agrees on that). However, based on balancing issues this is unlikely to happen (as shredder already mentioned).

But what if we could? Would we want different monster minions? I would see Behemoth minions definitely form an issue in the gamemode Defend.


@Matthew Has described that the Monsters do have a sort of pecking order and that he sees Goliaths as the kind of foot-soldiers.
(I’m positive on half that sentence, 90% sure on the second half)


That is 100% correct, actually.


Great. I now have a picture of army of Goliaths in my mind. Thank you, just thank you.


defends minions are fine, i guess i didn’t clarify that this would be nest specific


The problem with having different races for minions is that the AI for monsters can be buggy. Kraken and his flying, behemoth and his rolling, etc.

It would be cool to have the minions only run, climb, and punch and remove traversals and abilities if there are races.


Imagine the terror of seeing 3 behemoths charging your generator at once though…


But they don’t have abilities, so they might have the HP, but I’m sure that there would need balancing. So Behemoth, the strongest monster there would get 2 Wraith Minions, etc.