What if we had... A Defensive Monster?


Currently, we have the four monsters that are really good at bringing the pain -to- the hunters, all with different styles of doing so. Goliath’s brawling, Kraken’s wizard-lightning, Wraith’s roguelike hit and run, Behemoth’s tectonic battlefield control. But what about if we had a monster that returned the pain to the hunters? Like a monster that hunkered down and was something the hunters had to work at damaging in a battle of attrition. A monster that says ‘TRY and hurt me, I dare you!’ I think it’d be a fun addition.

Now, behold, my hopefully somewhat decent idea that I drudged up in a class yesterday

Monster Name: None. Didn’t think of one.

Monster Biology: Turtle-like. Has a big shell or reinforced hide that it can use to defend itself. Moves on all fours but can stand up.

Armor: 17 Bars.
Health: 4/6/7 Bars(Depending on Stage)

Traversal: Gallops forward on all fours, uses a stamina bar like Behemoth. Hunters hit take minimal damage but large knockback to the side. Wind up of about 1 second, and a 1 second after galloping before before being able to melee(No Behemoth style Roll-combo).

Melee: Bite/smash with forearms/limbs.

Juicy Part: Skills

Defensive Stance: Enters a stance that slows down the monster and prevents stamina use, but in this stance the monster takes heavily reduced damage for the duration. Projectiles are reflected off the monster and back towards the hunters(Monster still takes the damage, but reduced), hit scan weapons deal 50% of their damage to hunters every shot. Weapons like flamethrower and lightning gun are unaffected, but still deal reduced damage. Damage reduction and duration increases per level.

Bioclaustic Turrets: The monster spews out a turret at a target location. These lob acid balls like mortars at hunters ever 1-2 seconds. Monster can have five of them out at a time. These turrets can be destroyed by the hunters weapons. The mortars are more accurate targeting hunters in the air. The acid balls have very minor splash. Damage and health go up per level.

Stomp: Monster rears up then smashes ground, dealing heavy damage and also knocking hunters very high up in the air in melee range of it. This hits everywhere around the monster like Aftershock with the Kraken. Damage and Radius go up per level.

Inhale: The monster sucks in air violently in a target direction(Aimed and used like Flamethrower, monster can move and change direction). Anything caught in the vortex takes minor damage as long as they’re in the radius and are pulled towards the monster faster then a hunter can run. Wildlife and hunters killed by this are ragdolled to land right in front of monster. Cannot affect downed hunters. Length and damage increase per level.

Please read and let me know what you all think. It’s just an idea and a rough draft, so be gentle :smile:

Numbers and such can be discussed as well. Balance is everything!


I feel like theres a Thread for this…

And it sounds like a cool idea! However, a defensive Monster wouldnt really play out well in Gamemodes like Defend and Rescue, where it primarily requires the monster to be Offensive. Plus the monsters really cant be played to defensively anyways, considering they have to evade to get to Stage 3.

Idk, it seems like a great idea in theory, but from a gameplay stand-point, I dont think it would work.


I feel like this could only work if:
The monster could feed while being shot…
The monster has a slim-like cloud effect that will obscure vision so it can escape.


Fair points, and I’m pretty sure there may be one, I typed it all on mobile so I may not have seen it.

@Forestlight Any monster that could feed while in combat or being shot would be way too strong. I think it’d be better to just increase the speed of its traversal rather then give it something that could potentially be way too strong. As for escaping, I imagine that it could lay down turrets as it runs, and thus chasing it would be a rather lethal thing to do as you’d be shot at and taking damage while doing so. Make it so it’s better to cut the monster off rather then flat out run it down.


they could make a monster like that, they already broke the mold with behemoth. he is slower than the monsters in base speed and his base attacks do more damage. Not to mention other things that he breaks the mold in