What if we didn't get into the alpha? (I know it's closed)


will there be another opening of some sort or will we never get the chance to play? i think i didnt get it because i forgot the referral code:/ ty!!!


I must say that’s an unusually funny avatar picture. I’d love that name had it not already been taken, and had a picture to go with it. On a serious note, there won’t be any other chances I know of except the open beta on Xbox One. There’s always the final release, though.


ok ty! and yeah im trying to build a ToastedBeef community. i started about a month ago and i got 50 follows so its gettn good! twitch.tv/ToastedBeef is the website and also i hope theres free beta keys on pc soon instead of alpha keys. is this possible?


also i rather u not take this thanks!(i kinda use it a lot)


It seems unlikely. Keys aren’t being given out, but instead accounts are being flagged by Turtle Rock. They want very specific computer specs, so giveaways wouldn’t work I’m afraid. There might be a beta nearer release, but as I say, the only open event with Evolve is the open beta on Xbox One. Best of luck with your community! ^^


aight ty!!!


More invites just went out, actually.


You are really beautiful X_X I am sorry but I just had to say it…Seems my 1st post was talking about your beauty lol XD


THANKS!!! cant believe u responded:D a quick question though, did we need to add the referral link?


No if you signed up you will receive an email that you were accepted with instructions


ok ty for the help! hopefully i can get started playing and supporting the game real soon:D


Wait how do we get a chance to get these codes and is it for xbox 360 thats all i have


Evolve is for current gen consoles and PC only. i.e. PS4 and Xbone


I’m not sure how you get into the Alpha, but I can confirm that Evolve (Alpha, Beta or the full game) won’t be coming to Xbox 360 or PS3. It’ll be for PS4/Xbox One and PC only. ^^


Just saw that I got in but I think its too late. Is the Alpha over and will there be another test before the release date?


There will be a beta for Xbone.