What if we Buffed instead of Nerfed?



That’ll teach em to not go solo.


To counter Kelder buff on legacy console, buff hunters with, ban monster for life, vote option.


I mean a much faster TTK and healing rate would affect splitting up into duos or getting knocked out of LoS in combat and it’d affect how viable medics without good self healing were.


I’ve always thought Lazarus’ cloak should be toggle-able.


Oohh that sounds like a fancy idea actually. Flicking it on an off whenever so long as it has enough battery to make it worth it. Kinda like Hank’s Shield.

Tho there should be a buff to hunters when the Monster who obviously has the advantage when at full HP and all the Hunters are on their 4th respawn with two strikes each since at that point clearly the Monster is just toying with the Hunters and it’s no fun when that happens for the Hunters. At that point there should be a mega buff for hunters similar to the Arena Last Man Standing buff along with some added defense or something.

Or just have the Monster start to slowly degrade overtime or something when the match is clearly being dragged on by someone to a stupid degree.

It’s no fun when you fight a monster who clearly already won and they just keep toying around because you have stupids as your teammates and somehow that Monster player feels like they are “good” at the game or something…

Triggery slowly rises


I’ve been in that situation as a monster because the support of a Laz would run away and shoot me off the generator.

I wasn’t toying with them. They were flying with me. I eventually won but I wasn’t trying to drag it out.


That’s not the same tho… you were trying to win and someone was being annoying.

There are some who will get the Generator down to one hit and then proceed to kill the Hunters over and over again…

Slight difference muh dude.

In that scenario Hunters should just get some bonuses or something I dunno.


Still sort of had the same effect, if not a little reversed.


So this thread is basically about making the whole game an Overpower variant.

The irony of this is unmeasurable.


It’s meant to be a joke mostly with a hint of seriousness lol

Just have fun with it.


The moment the game starts the monster automatically wins.


Well that’s just not helpful…

Tho it does remind me of a funny video awhile back where you instantly won a Destiny match with a certain class or something.



The moment the game starts both teams die causing a draw.

Perfectly balanced as all things should be.


What about if 5 players spawned as all 5 of the monsters and the entire hunter group spawned on a huge map?


This happens all the time already with Gorgon.



I never had that.


Well…it’s not an “instant win” per se…see the hunters spawn in, then they die quickly, a lot, but the game takes its course as per any other game…it’s just that when you see Gorgon flash on the intro screens to the battle you already know the outcome and just have to suffer it out.


Yep, nothing like a slow and painfully agonizing loss to brighten your view and day on Evolve.
Except sometimes it isn’t exactly slow since it’s actually kinda a rapid decrease in your health pool as your medic struggles to figure out how to heal everyone, including themselves, as everyone struggles to not get burnt by acid on the ground when the most simple answer is… you can’t because the acid is fuckin everywhere and floating off the ground by five feet isn’t enough distance from it because apparently there’s a toxic cloud coming from it.


Ah yes, gorgon does bring back beautiful memories.


….of death.