What if we Buffed instead of Nerfed?



This thread is more or less just a “What if?” kind of thing. I have no plans on anything actually going thru to the game because, quite simply, I know better than to think that. I kinda want us to have fun with this thread and have it get to ridiculous proportions while still being reasonable.

As in like improving capabilities on a Monster but not like, by the end, Goliath jumps around with a Jetpack shooting missiles from his mecha arms and crap.

More or less the idea is to just start from the very beginning before any nerf was implemented and looking at what was nerfed and instead of nerfing it, buffing other things to help counter what would be considered “OP” and just kinda go from there.

Anything from improving Hunter Health to Hunters tracking an Invisible Wraith.
Then follow up with a buff towards the Monster’s that would help balance it out.

Heck even start a silly buff war with each other.
One person suggests an over the top buff and someone else comes in with their own buff to counter that buff.

I dunno, I kinda just want us to have some fun with this and the idea that was Evolve before the Nerfs and see where the Community itself would have taken it with only buffs across the board.

Also I know that there are other threads that are kinda similar but this thread is more or less a just “have some fun with it” kind of mentality.


Buff hunters to have their jetpacks never run out of fuel, but instead slow down over time.
And then of used for too long they blow up and kill the hunter.
Yes, this was a monster buff in disguise


Why not? The more we are, the funnier it gets.

Double the strength of Sunny’s jetpack booster so hunters can dodge three times faster.


I don’t remember the exact order of nerfs but instead of nerfing tranqs slowing kraken in the air we just give kraken twice the number of traversals or turn it’s traversals into behemoth only flying not rolling.

Instead of nerfing sunny’s boost we just buff monsters base movement speed/traversal regen. Not sure how’d you’d fix it for the hunters when the monsters move like 20% faster overall and they can never catch them.

Instead of nerfing decoy’s hiding ability we buff dome so it periodically pings monsters inside the dome?


I like the behemoth style traversal for kraken. That would have fit good. Maybe double tap traversal so he still has the boost to move out of the way quickly at the cost of some of the traversal meter.


We could have given all the monsters a behemoth movement lol. Goliath get’s to sprint and gets an auto mantle, wraith charges up a warp and shoots forward with minimal control


I rather like Goliath’s leap, though maybe a combo of the two could work?


Press spacebar to enter into a dash, hold spacebar to charge up a leap?
No, other way around?
Kraken’s would make sense for it to be hold to fly and tap to dash. Same for Wraith, not sure what Gorgon’s could be other than full Spiderman.


I was working under the assumption that they’d all have both types.

Yeah I wasn’t really sure either so I didn’t say anything.


Gotcha. I see it now.


Maybe Behemoth’s could be a pillar of rock he uses to push himself in a direction.
He’s just rolling on by and then like a pinball be’s pushed to the side violently.


I was thinking more of a jump/push start then he tucks into his ball kinda like goliath but he finishes by rolling and can combo into his long distance traversal


Maybe have it where Behemoth could latch onto something with his tongue and then that give him extra momentum in that direction?

Wraith charges up her Traversal to go further faster rather than short little bursts?

Goliath having the ability to leap from one wall to another, Prince of Persia style!


That was a fun game lol. I only ever played the first of the sands of time on like the ps2.


Mmmh…this ability is quite familiar to me. Isn’t this character involved?


What if instead of nerfing slims healing we buff all the other medics to his level then just buff the overall dot for all monsters.


Instead of nerfing Kraken for being to mobile in the sky why not just let every monster grow wings and fly. I think that was a nerf that is…


I’m actually not familiar with this character lol.

The thought of a Frog snagging a bug with his tongue but going to the bug instead of pulling the bug to itself is what came to mind honestly.


Problem with that is people die super quick if they get caught out against a monster.


so buff hunters health