What if... thread 2.0

Before evolve was released, there was one, one thread that made people say weird questions only drunks would answer, but after evolves release… It disappeared.
What if someone brought back that old thread?(I just f**king went there)
important note, this thread was made to honor the old thread as it was destroyed long ago, people can do the same on that thread as this thread, thanks and have fun! (but what if not have fun?).

What do you mean? What thread?

there was a thread that was named “what if…” that people would say silly things that started with “what if…” like
“what if the monsters were nice?” and stuff liek that

I have no idea what thread you are talking about. :smile:

What if that thread was just in your imagination and never actually existed? :wink:


I remember the thread, hopefully some forum anchients like midnight, quirkly and shin know what this thread is.

But if you were on the forums when that thread was created then I probably must have seen it :confused:

I sort of remember a thread like that but I can’t find it using the search bar.
Oh well, this thread is here now so I suppose it doesn’t matter. :laughing:

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it was a long time ago, so It was probs deleted, cant blame you tho

Me too, it rings a bell!


What if the Kraken was lactose intolerant?


im going to leave and then come back, plz dun frag this thread while im gone

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What if Kraken used farts to fly?
###Rare video of Lactose intolerant Kraken in the dome.

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The red is his farts being ignited by his electric attacks! :joy:

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OOH! What if the Monsters were bonded with a Klyntar?

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are you talking about that wraith thread that got disturbing.

Nah, that was a different thread entirely. :smile:
There was one that was a ‘finish the question, what if…’
I still can’t find it.

I wonder if someone will bring back s wraith thread xD.

What if someone brought that thread back?

I would imagine it would be closed as there was a reason the original thread was closed.

Why was it closed?

I think it got a little too weird, then it was all off topic posts. Not sure on the specific reason though.
(We’ve gone a little off topic ourselves. :wink:)