What if there was an Evolve Currency?

When listening to a podcast today that was discussing some changes coming to SF 5, they talked about one thing in particular that intrigued me in terms of how it could apply to Evolve.

Most of us here really want to see Evolve improve and expand, and here’s something I think could be interesting if implemented correctly with the game, tell me what you guys think, or how you feel.

Much like Killer Instinct and apparently soon to be in Street Fighter V, what if Evolve had its own currency you could earn through matches/completing challenges in game? That way, you could build it up through wins or completions and buy skin packs or even hunters and monsters, creating a heavy incentive for playing the game repeatedly beyond just getting the masteries.

Just a concept, one I’m sure has been mentioned before. I personally think it’d be a great way to keep players interesting in continued play.

Oh, for a second I thought the title was relevant to lore :stuck_out_tongue:
(Cause… In the story they use “keys”)


haha, I like the idea but because the game isn’t F2P I don’t know if that would work.

Looks like someone didn’t know what they were getting into… That someone being me, help I’m just typing now, I don’t when to stop! AH HELP ME PLEASE!!!


Oh I love that movie.

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I think that could be cool, even if 2K would never go for it. Might keep more casual players engaged for longer and reduce the amount of salt the DLC ruckus spread around, if nothing else.

I might be slightly different than the average gamer, but I continue to play Evolve because it’s fun, fascinating, and challenging, not because I want skins or more characters. 2K/TRS can have my hard-earned cash for additional characters.

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You know what TRS should do? MOAR MONSTER SKIN BUNDLES!!!

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Yeah, those are the reasons I still play, too. But I do think it would help salve those wounds related to DLC for some people.

If those people had played evolve every weekend then they would have a ton of free skins without having to faff with currency…

Yes, but mostly only Predator and Voodoo skins. They haven’t offered any skins that are actually purchasable.

I want more skins but I don’t have the money! If they give challenges for individual people to earn skins that you can normally buy I would work so hard :[

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Keys is slang for a word i cant remember @Matthew senpai help

Key is short for Kilosatoshi.


thanks i knew it sounded japanese

Sounds like a model from F2P mobile games. Evolve is neither of that. I think Evolve is the kind of game that you either love with all it’s flaws and having fun playing it without any need for extra “rewards”, or it frustrates you and you’ll stop playing it no matter what. Although infinite leveling up (with no bonuses or anything attached to it) could be a nice feature for some people.

I can understand your viewpoint, but that’s no reason to stunt its growth or prevent the game from improving. I personally don’t think there should be any reason a player base should put up with a game’s flaws that hold back from full enjoyment of gameplay. I’m NOT saying this would solve that, but I don’t think that Evolve should bel limited to those two options you’ve given. It’s like when I’ve been on Destiny forums to make suggestions about certain elements of “the grind”, and people shout me down because “the game’s all about the grind.”

Bad gameplay design is bad gameplay design. Nothing should be allowed to obfuscate that. But that’s tangental, back to this point:

Maybe it is a model from F2P, but it’s one that’s found success and praise in legitimate console games and PC games, as I’ve already mentioned (Killer Instinct and now Street Fighter V; League and Hearthstone are good examples of free versions of this). I’m merely suggesting it as an incentive for continued play. I know that when I played Hearthstone, I’d play a little longer some days just to get those quests for gold so I could get another card pack, which had just as much chance as a card pack bought with actual money to contain good things.

While I’m not saying it would work perfectly in Evolve or that it NEEDS to be in the game, I don’t necessarily see a problem with providing players even more reason to play.

Don’t we all?

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