What if there was a monster that is a parasite that infects wildlife to evolve


I had an idea. A monster that starta with one abilitie to infect a host and then it gets to evolve into a monster based in the wildlife you infected. you get to choose 3 abilities that are based on the thing you merged with and then you can kill stuff eat grow Armor like if you infected a steamadon you would get steam blast if you got a blitzleapord you could tackle so once you infect something you are going on the normal routine eat evolve attack.


Sounds awesome, but animating and programming it… we’re practically talking about a whole new game.


It could be possible because remember that Factor was destroyed by them as well. Caira states they are nothing but goo inside the egg and then some trigger to produce a monster.

Perhaps a future mission type “infestation”


Geez I can only imagine the frame rate drop if its multiple hosts too! Specifically on consoles but it’d be cool for sure! @Mike_Harris


They actually almost made this remember?

Not how it functioned, but same idea mostly. They had a monster in development that would like, spawn parasites to attack the hunters. Just never made it to full production and release.

Due to the popularity and similarity of that “Create a monster” thread, which basically by pure coincidence came up with the same idea… I imagine that it could very well happen someday.


So basically its THE THING? sweet


I thought about something like that too. Where its really small and it can infect wildlife and mutate them.

Ability 1:Infect- monster infects monster and slowly feeds off it and after it gets done feeding it kills it and finds another host.

Ability 2: Mutate- host is transformed and is bigger and stronger than it was before.

Ability 3: Self destruct- monster leaves a detonation order and leaves infected wildlife the infected charges at target and explodes.

Ability 4: Minion- monster leaves body that now has it’s mind infected. It defends monster until it finds another host.

Tell me what you guys think about it and give suggestions on abilities and look.