What if there was a ban system(i mean hunters and monsters)?


I don’t know if anyone already thought about this, but i noticed there’s something going on with some maps/monsters/hunters combination that not everyone like. i mean i saw my teammates leave the game just because there was a bad map for the hunters and so that was an advantage for a specific monster (if not all the monsters).

so i think both of the sides should be able to have at least like, 1 monster ban for the hunters (which maybe they can decide what monster to ban all together by some sort of vote) and form 2 to 4 hunters bans for the monster (maybe 3 would be good, cause 4 bans would just be too much)

i think that’s good for the devs too so that way they can activly see what the most banned monster or hunter so that they can tweek what’s wrong,

what about it guys? i wanna know what you think and the cons and pros of that.

i think it would be beneficial both for the players and for the devs (better gameplay for players, easier life for devs)


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