What if the monsters aren't the bad guys?


While I was playing Kala and i faced Behemeoth I heard he shout :"Behemoth !I will end you’re pain! " .It can either suport my theory or just ment that Kala wants to end it’s suffering from being hunted.

Well it got me thinking : what if the monsters are not the main villians that they seem , though their still doing what they do but maby for a valid reason. In another game StarCraft 2 one of the races in it is the Zerg, everyone fears them and their exactly like the monsters in evolve , or how they behave, they go from planet to planet and conquer or destroy it. But they did not do that at the start, once they were normal creatures on a planet with a exceptional ability to evolve fast ( like our monsters) and that cuaght the eye of a advance race which captured a lot of them then mutated them and turning them into weapons of war.

The same could be said for these monsters in evolve, what if they are just creatures from another planet, abducted mutated and used as weapons. Thus Kala knowing that through the monsters, she knows the pain they have been through and what is going on with them. To goliath Kala says :" Goliath I know what you really are " . Which is also speculation but it could also come back to the theory.

Another suport of this has been there from the start, everyone who has played Evolve knows that these creatures arent native to the planet and has attacked other planets before.And they target only spesific objects to destroy . Like relays refueling towers ,etc. If it was a mindless beats it would just consume all the wildlife but it only eats them to becomes strong enought to complete their objective.

Another thing is that the monster only attacks the hunters becuase it is in their way, and that is suported
by something that you just need to take another look at.

Monster destroys Relay so poeple die and the hunters lose right? But why does the monster not turn on the hunters after it destroyed the objective? And when the monster defeats the hunters on som maps it then straigh goes to the relay.

Their objective may be to destroy a spesific company or settlement. Thats why they go agfter the evac ship becuase it might be the same tech that their ment to destroy and the civillians are just on it.

It is easier to send a unstoppable army of monsters that cant be tracked back to you then to send a army of soldiers that need food supplys and can easily be killed in a war.

But the only counter loop in this theory is when the monsters win the evac round they go after the hunters , this could mean maby their ment to leave no witnesses after a objective has been reached? or just becuase their retaliating at the hunters becuase their just trying to defend themselfs.

Thats my theory.

Audio Changes?

Bob indeed is suffering.
Bob is sad.
Bob is hunted by the hunters.
But Bob is a generous creature.
Kala knows Bob’s feels.
Kala wants Bob to be happy too.
Am i right @Matthew ?


Here’s what makes the monsters bad: They’re eating people, they’re destroying technology, and they’re destroying colonies. The bad guys behind it or not, these guys are killing people, and no one likes that.


This is one of my favorite theories about the game :slightly_smiling:

You should read it!





If the Monsters have any ethical reason for what they are doing, they still take it far beyond what could be considered ethical.

Remember that, whenever they win in lore, a slaughter is said to follow.

Not to mention how they never seem to attempt anything resembling diplomacy, despite being intelligent.

To sum it up: the Monsters are just Monsters.


Maybe diplomacy failed for them years ago. Our progtagonists (even Val) wouldn’t know if that was the case. How is it that Ebonstar had one captive for so long, before the attacks had started in earnest? How is it that CIG9 has so many tissue samples? I think there is a decent chance that the first things that emerged from Cherenkov space with alien intelligence weren’t living weapons. The monsters we know now are obviously sent to destroy, but what about the first ones?


wow thanks for the shout out! :blush:


All the “false vacuum” “True vacuum” stuff Kala screams when possessed by the monster intelligence sounds like it COULD be religious zealotry of some kind. It’s not a solid theory, but maybe their is some kind of religious ideology associated with this hive mind. Tearing holes through cherenkov space might have ritualistic/holy/ideological significance to the monsters. It’s a loooong shot, but this is the closest thing we have to the Monsters outright stating their intentions.


It might just be a religious crusade upon the blasphemies and heretics that dare dishonor their god. I mean, humans led inquisitions that led to the deaths of thousands against their own kind. This isn’t to mention the atrocities we commit to creatures who are not human. So it is very likely that monsters could be the same way. I like your train of thought! :slight_smile:


It could be a crusade of sorts, but it seems so REactive, like it’s in response to something the humans have done.


It could be completely against what humans have done. It could be that humans have desecrated their sacred ground and it is a revenge scheme. It could be that mad scientists cooked the whole thing up to destroy, then ‘save,’ valuable land. It could be that monsters were warped by human savagery and have now gone to great lengths to eradicate all life on their planet.

In any instance, this all boils down to the monsters targeting the tech (relays, cloaking fields, generators, etc.) and then killing people. If you think about it, it’s an insanely genius plan. Cripple their resources, divide them, destroy them. Without tech, humans are squishy and can quickly become prey items. The only reason humans are not prey is that they have the technology to make them predators. But what happens if you take away this tech that made them so great and powerful? It not only weakens their physical defense, but it divides them by taking what electricity-powered communication devices, fuel-powered medical stations, remote land defenses, and the like. Then, when they are at their most vulnerable, the monsters strike.


I feel this is a case of blue and orange morality. We find it immoral because we value human life, but the monsters would find it moral because they value stability. Long story short, our sense of morality is so alien from theirs there is no way to really compare them.


They aren’t IMO. This was the Monsters’ planet, and humans are trying to colonize it. The Monsters, however, don’t like this and because they can’t talk, they protest the only way they know how: to kill them in combat.


I don’t know who the real monsters are. For all we know, we’ve disrupted their world(s) with our technology and they’re trying to save themselves.


It’s like Avatar. Humans come to alien world and start building shit. Aliens not happy. Humans CRUSH puny aliens.

Who’s the bad guy?


Did you not see the ending?..


I didn’t say that was the ending, my point was that’s what the humans attempted to do, on a world that wasn’t their own.


The monsters are not native to Shear. Both humans and monsters are alien to Shear.


This reminds me of a stream I was on yesterday the stream said the kraken was doing them a favor as he was trying to get past them but was failing so I said #kindkraken doing favors! then when he died I said #deadkindkraken only wanted to help