What If The Harpoon Gun Held 2 Poons?


Had this thought while I was in class. What if Griffin’s harpoon held two harpoons at once, and reloaded like a classic shotgun - putting one back in at a time? You know, how in some games a shotgun can hold 6 shells, you can fire all of them, then start reloading and fire halfway through that reload since you’ve got a few shells in the gun.

Griffin is sorta outclassed right now. He’s decent, but he’s not great, and I think this is a neat touch that could help him out. It would barely help his chase game at all - when the monster first begins to flee, he’d have 2 shots, but after that, it’d be normal Griffin - reloading both shots would take too long and the monster would escape.

However, it would give him some more strength in a defensive trapper role. Griffin’s damage isn’t really a problem; his SMG is actually my favorite trapper weapon. But if a trapper is only doing damage, they’re not doing enough. Giving him a second harpoon could help his combat a lot. Now he can more liberally stop monsters since he doesn’t need that “super clutch” Leap Smash cancel or whatever. He could stop a traversal, then just generally mess with the monster, and switch back and pocket reload both shots.

Or, if he needs to, he can just keep firing one off at a time without letting both shots reload - which essentially puts him back to normal Griffin status.

This would really just be kind of a quality of life combat buff, with a slight impact on chase. Maybe it’s too strong, but I think it’s ok - or can be compensated for with an SMG damage nerf.



While it would be SUPER useful if you missed the first 'poon, I see it being too OP since the monster would break the 'poon, then already had another 'poon in him. This is the same as giving the 'poon more HP so the monster has to fight it off.

I can only see this disrupting the balanced Griffin in competitive…


That’s the point - give him a little more reliability and strength in dome, while not really affecting it outside of dome so much. I feel like the poons die almost accidentally in combat too often as it is; this could alleviate some of that.


No, he would be able to deny a full 2 traversals with the right timing, and throw in Sunny/Val and that 1 traversal that the monster has left wont get him far enough away and Griffin will stay close enough to have time to reload both shots and then block another 2 traversals, Griffin does not need this


But, from what I’ve been told, Griff can pull monsters off walls when they are climbing. Now imagine back-to-back wall pulls. That would be disastrous for monster players.

Outside of the dome, the 'poons could prevent the monster getting away if Griff times them, using them when monster uses a traverse ability (Goliath’s Leap Smash).

Edit: just realized how much the meme relates to Goliath climbing a wall when Griff 'poons him.


When you get a Parnell/Griff (dual 'poons)/Sunny/Val…


He could totally screw with the monster once in a while. The double reload is a long time for the monster to have some freedom. Otherwise, he can just keep firing one at a time like nothing’s changed.


But it’s pretty high and low waves. It’s having a long period where monster can’t move, but then monster can move around longer. Griff can also time his shots, taking less than a second to stop the monster, where the monster does a whole animation.


fudge that sheet no he already wrecks goliaths and gorgons we don’t need him to immobilize them completley


Wasteland Maggie and Jack are pretty similar; expending capacity until it’s about gone and the harpoon working or not. I know this would be a lot more one-side-or-the-other, but it’s only a more exaggerated case of what’s already happening.

@AlbinoGoliath Griffin is decent against them, but by no means wrecks them. I’d fight a Griffin over most of the other trappers right now.



Lmao, love that show


While this would be an interesting Adaptation for Griffin I really don’t need more reasons to hate him in a game of Hunt…

He’s probably going to be getting a flaming poon anyway because why not?


Stasis harpoon OP.


What if the Harpoon Gun made Goliath cry twice as much


It’d be cool to see a harpoon gun do specific limb damage in terms of crippling abilities/traversals for the adaptation version but the break range is much shorter than normal poons.