What if T5 or 6 or bonus ect. was 3 more Buckets?


what would the pricing be?

will you be ok with re used attacks? OR customizable attacks? OR we all take a vote as the community?

would you love this idea? how would you feel?

do you agree the future needs more robots?

should they all be a different color?

should they have different voices, assault more rough and destruction, trapper more cocky, medic ect.

can we all agree more buckets is not a bad thing :wink:


Er, we don’t need another Star Wars: Clone Wars. No droid/robot revolution here. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes we do.

Join us or die.


Alright, no need to twist my arm, girl! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Perhaps an Iron Giant FTW?!? :sunglasses:


well it makes sense. he is a AI so he can just modify the chassis to fit whatever role he needs. and hell if it means more hunters faster i dont even care. i would love to see what conversation a full team of buckets would have to say though lel


“Humans are dead, send in the robots!”


“These are not the droids you’re looking for”


Of course we need 3 more Robots!

Tier 5:

  • 1 female assault
  • 3 Robots.

It’s totally fair.

You could then make a:

  • Only male team
  • Only female team
  • Only bot robot team

Equality across the board. Everybody wins. :smiley:


I have always thought that a full team of Buckets would be incredibly interesting. And to this k that somehow the three new Buckets would have good synergy with our current Bucket.



I like gimmicks, but I like variety more…


im saying it as a last BONUS kind of action, before they abandon the game


I wasn’t assuming you wanted them to replace preexisting Hunters, I would simply prefer that time be spent on making unique Hunters, rather than ones of such similar nature.


you know they might not have the money or time, soo this way everyone wins they get some extra cash and we get a bucket army :wink:


Maybe the 4th could be the one who designed the bots or something? Who knows?


wait what? CLARIFY!!! :confounded:


I don’t know, depends on how much effort they put into their tier you put forward. ^.-


ok i get ya, thnx for the CLARIFY!! :grin:


Unless T5 has 2 assaults in it you won’t be able to have an all robot team, and an all female team


i don’t mind if they recycle same weapons!! for gods sake its a BUCKET ARMY!! :scream: i would soo buy that in a heart beat


Assault: Bucket
Trapper: Bucket
Medic: Bucket
Support: CLAP TRAP… what borderlands is also 2K :stuck_out_tongue: