What if sunny (possible change)


What if her shield drone acted much like slims bug. It was invulnerable but would not fade if attacked. Something like, you can throw it on anyone including yourself. The effect would last for 10s or until the shield damage was broken through. After the 10s faded or the shield was broken, the drone could be re-applied or thrown at a different target after 5 seconds. (Keep in mind these numbers are just ones I pulled out my arse). I think this change would be great, at the moment kraken can just vortex the drone (lel) and proceed to rek face. But she seems too strong against Goliath (even legendary agrees with me) this way you could juggle targets effectively or something. What do you guys think of this idea?


This is what i thought the shield drone would do originally, not a stationary bot hank.


Unfortunately, drastic changes like this are unlikely to happen because they are expensive. It would require new models, animations, voice overs, even new training videos. Not to mention all the programming changes plus balancing


they should do these changes… also giving buckets drone the ability to cloak someone so he is finally a support.


Why doea everyone dislike bucket :frowning:


Because he sucks at medium to high level play.


I like this idea. Just have her drone shield one person, where she has to decide when to move the drone to someone else… It’s a lot less lazy then a drone that can shied anyone on it’s own whenever it wants. Meanwhile she would still be able to use her weapon and booster, which would make her different from Hank. If this happened, I would be more accepting of seeing aa Sunny. As of right noe, I hear players saying “I should have pickef Sunny” after a loss where they chose a different support. People know that shield drone changes things up a lot for monsters. Heck her whole tool set does.


Of the problems I have facing Sunny, the shield drone is the least of them.


Pfft i can disprove that in a game bucket is love bucket is life (next to hank)


Ohohoho Now that I’d like to see…


Awesome. I look forward to seeing your bucket play in ESL :smile:


i don’t care about esl… and i really like playing bucket but i think he is a little bit too weak … he needs a real support ability and cloaking someone else is really nice, especially helpful with laz. it could be done like slims bug.


Bucket only need more range to his turrets.


If my team had time to enter tournaments we probably would but we dont dedicate that much time to the “mlg” aspect of gaming