What if? (Just for some laughs)


Couldn’t figure out which thread would be best suited for this so I made one. Anyways i had a funny thought what if the team fortress characters were put I to the world of evolve,
Here’s how I think the line up could go:
Assault: pyro,soldier, or heavy
Trapper: sniper, spy
Support: engineer, demolition
Medic: medic (duh), scout
Monster: pyro (cause he’s creepy),or heavy(psychotic plus I can imagine every time he kills prey they turn into a sandwich) I can imagine hearing him going," om nom rom nom" :smile:

Tell me what you guys think


I see absolutely no similarities between scout and medic.

Don’t all of the Medicos have Snipers?


True but it was the best class I could think of for scout, plus I felt it should be two guys per class,. But feel free to tell me how you think the line up should go. I just thought this would be a funny mod/scenario to toss around