What if i evolve 2-3 Days earlier?


…Maybe on Saturday.

Are the Server up @ the weekend before 10. feb?
Can i play alone, offline with bots?
Will i get banned?

Give me your thoughts please and sorry for my bad englisch :confused:


Pretty sure the point of the release is that we all get to start playing at the same time. If anyone gets to play it early then it’s being unfair. And before you tell me about the streamers, those guys are a special case because they’re constantly showing the game off and they’re basically free advertising.


I dont care about Streamers.
Just wanted to know what can i do with the game when i get it maybe 2-3 days earlier
I dont want to level or stuff like that before release thats why i asked for “bot game”


nothing, you wont be able to do anything, at all. Pre-loading might become available, but that’s the closest you’ll get to actually playing


Because i have to contact the servers and they are not aviable right?


If you are even able to launch the game, then yes


That would be awesome due to the fact that the release is on tuesday. that would be better to release the game before the weekend…and i wont start bragging about the release, im just saying that it would be better :slight_smile:

I will be online when it starts but I feel so sorry for the ones who waited for it soo long like all of us and have to work or anything else at that time :confused:

We are all so excited…


When you preload a game, it comes in big encrypted archives. Then the key is given to unlock those files when the game reaches its release date. So it is almost impossible to play before the game is actually released.


Im talking about the physical copy from a Store, not digital sorry.


Yeah don’t think you will be able to play even with bots
Example.People could keep their Beta files,go offline in steam and boot Evolve.Evolve would start showing the videos but only that.The game didn’t give you the option to play with bots :confused:


Hmmm. Not sure about that but I believe it would be fairly similar with a physical copy if you are allowed to pre-load it. It won’t be a playable game before it is actually released.


Actually what are we even talking about?Even the digital copies will be redeemed through steam.I just remembered lol.


It’s weird though that of all the days of the week they decided to release it on… Tuesday?


I think I read that Tuesday release dates have to do with financials. Been that way for a long time now.


I know right? Why not friday?!


Yeah i guess the release date could be handled better.But i also guess that there is a reason behind it


I’m confused. Why would you get a physical copy before Feb. 10th to begin with?

I don’t think that selling games early is legal. You should report it rather than take advantage of it.


it is a shame as the point of a release date is to get it to everyone as soon as possible at the same time so people arn’t punished by the logistics of distributing the physical discs

but doesnt make much sense now that digital distribution has become so common since the game has gone gold awhile ago, a lot of people have the game paid for, downloaded and ready to play…
but we have to wait cause retailers will probably throw a hissy fit at 2k if digital customers get to play the game early
(which doesnt make much sense why 2k should care since more digital downloads means less trade ins)


Maybe he works for the store?Maybe his father owns the store or something like this?Come on you would do it aswell if you could.


this was my assumption too as cant think of many other ways to get hands on a physical disc early other than theft