What if health increased


Hunters should get a minor health buff keep healing and shielding the same. Monsters do the same damage and it makes non shield comps more viable. Puts hunters right where they need to be.


I think defense vs offense isn’t the problem anymore. Now it’s just specific hunters.
Sunny is too strong vs Goliath.
Bucket is a little too weak.
Caira… needs a little more something now. Before 8.1 she was fine, but monster buffs changed that.
Laz is laz.


Running off his ideas, yes. Some hunters need buffs, but some lack performance with certain monster, for example, there is no compensation for picking Caira and Bucket to fight a Kraken.

So while certain hunters need buffs, comps will always be a problem. If you can only win by playing select comps rather than picking random hunters, it takes fun from the overall experience

Increasing Hunter health will only make hunters like Val, Hank, Sunny, etc more op and won’t solve much. The offensive supports needs more damage to work properly, since they are based around killing the monster faster. If they kill the monster 1.25% faster then there is a large margin of the monster avoiding domes and not engaging and thus the off comp no longer has the advantage because stage 3 monster.

Damage for offensive supports is more necessary than increasing the overall Hunter HP. Unless you nerf shields, I see Medic as the only hunters with more HP since offensive comps.


Let’s hold off on increasing the health on medics and the like until 8.1a rolls through,

You’ll get out of stun locks .1s faster. That’ll up the hunters stats and damage globally.


Slim is… well…


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