What if evolve


This is a place where people can discuss what if evolve had something or was something that’s not in the game right now. I’ll provide an example for those of you who are confused :slightly_smiling:
ex: what if evolve was an open world rpg?
ex. what if evolve had a 5th class?


What if Evolve was a frying pan?


Made my day.


Inspired by @FryingPan are we?


Sorry to spoil the fun, but…


its fine :stuck_out_tongue:, I haven’t seen that yet since I’m pretty new the the forums


That thread though…
They focussed waaaaaaay too much on the adult… stuff…


That thread is pretty old, so I’ll close it and leave this one open :slightly_smiling:

Also, what TW said :stuck_out_tongue:


No, not at all.


just finished looking through that thread…never again shall I look at it again.


What if… Evolve allowed monsters to cancel there moves, there would obviously be a animation penalty that makes the monster kind of linger in that attack before cancelling. Or maybe you can only cancel when its gone far enough into the animation.


What if Evolve was potato?


What if Evolve had a singleplayer campaign mode ;w;


What if Evolve had the ability to create your own hunter, and mix and match the gear to give them your own personal touch. Crow’s Stasis gun with Hyde’s flamethrower? I’d personally take Torvald’s Shotgun, Parnell’s launcher, Parnell’s super soldier, and a Cloak. Or maybe a shield. Depends on how well it works.


Please no hurt me ;W;


that would be awesome, but I’m sure there would be some insane builds


What if Evolve was balanced?

What if Evolve was a Super Smash Bros. game?


Hyde is my second favorite assault. I just prefer Torvald’s gun because it would eviscerate when combined with Super Soldier. Actually, I’d take PARNELL’s shotgun, Torvald’s Mortars, Super Soldier, and a Shield. Kneel before me, and I may spare you. :wink:


Torvald’s shotgun sounds sssssssssssssso good. I love Hyde and all, but that shotgun… Gadeeem. Gives me the same badass vibes as minigun.
I would love to fire that thing in real life. Hah.


What Evolve was based under water?