What if Evolve was


Let’s just sit back for a moment and think about what Evolve would be like if, instead of an M-rated game, Evolve was a…
-Saturday morning cartoon
-Preschool show
-Music video
Any other “what ifs” you’d like to share? State them and I may put them in the OP!
UPDATE: -Game show

What if evolve


I don’t think I want that. There’s enough creepy fan fics out there shutters


Asking the important questions I see.

Edit: We’re all quote replying the same thing. XD

12 quote replies, let’s keep this up! We need even more people!


“I am the Jackal, fear my sting! If ya know what I mean…”



I know a certain forumite who went above and beyond :wink:

I shall not name him/her/it/cheese.



@CollapsedArc @Zwiebach1 @Deity_Pharaoh @Valeofnight @KomodoLover @10shredder00 This thread has yielded better results than expected. To answer your questions, I would like to refer to rule 34 of the internet: “There shalt beith a porno of each and every thing that exists; and if there is not, let it come to exist.”


As I said, I have already seen the Rule #34 of Evolve written by the hands of a certain forumite whom I shall not name.


Twas a wait?


Sir, you seem to have forgotten to quote yourself. This is a thing now.

With the monsters we currently have, I sure hope not for the poor hunters.


Done. Where’s mah cookie?


*cough Rule 34 *cough


You get nothing. You lose.



Mah dreams…


Like mah cookie…



Hey puddin’ I’d be like:


It was a joke guys :confused:


“I’m gonna fluffin’ melt the fluffy monster’s face with my fluffy flamethrower!”

Now wouldn’t that be something…




Goliath “Hey Wraith, would you mind if I charged at you tonight baby?”

Well then.