What if damage and healing were halved across the board?


Definite game changer, but what if all medic’s healing and all damage dealt by monsters and hunters were halved? Although this is an idea i haven’t fully explored, at first glance it sounds fantastic (IMO).

  • We talk about attrition, but lets be honest. That’s not the case right now. Right now its a burst damage challenge for monsters. If all damage and healing was halved, it would definitely make the game more attrition based.
  • With healing halved, spreading damage among all hunters would be a more viable strategy for monsters. Plus, spreading damage among all hunters means that hunters all less prone to the instant cap because of sudden burst damage. Monsters feel less obligated to burst, hunters live longer because of less bursting, and game is more attrition based. WIN-WIN-WIN.
  • After a dome, hunters would take longer to fully heal, giving the monster more time to get away after a dome. Or else, increases the odds of the monster catching the hunters without full health.

What do you guys think??

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I really do like the idea (not sure if it should be halved, but I have no idea) the only real CON I have for the idea, is how long will games be then? I mean average game times are what in Evolve maybe around 17 mins? (I have no idea just a guess) I just wouldn’t want matches to really go past 40 mins if we can help it.


Yeah I have the same concern, but here is a crazy thought. Maybe if ppl see the monster’s health go down at half the speed they might feel less intimidated and more prone to fighting. I’m not a psychic so i could be wrong :smile:


Been asking for this repeatedly. Even just if its a consideration, and questions are completely ignored by the devs. :disappointed: But thats fine, I get that they are busy. It is just it fits perfectly into what they said their goals were on the pre-2.0 release live stream. Fights not being over/decidely in one side’s favor after a single dome, more battles etc.

I feel like I’m beating a dead horse mentioning again and again that going from full armor full health to next to nothing is possible in 15-20 seconds and it isn’t fair or fun. Once again I support hunter and monster damage coming down and healing most especially or it would make all the changes irrelevant.

So yea man 100% support to you. End the single dome swings for both sides.


There’s a few issues that come to mind for me.
First, this would enable some serious body camping from the monsters. The biggest deterent to camping right now is massive damage to permanent health. Cut damage in half and that threat is gone.
Second, hunters would heal at half the rate, but a monster would eat and gain armor at the same rate which means they could eat and jump back into a fight very quickly before anyone is healed up.
Third, beyond the first two issues, all it would really accomplish is making matches more drawn out.
And last, dome times would have to be adjusted. Right now it’s not super easy to get all the armor off and start into permanent health in the 60 seconds you have, cut damage in half and that’s pretty much impossible.
All in all, I think these changes would enable monster players to completely control the pace and flow of the game, hunters would have no chance at all.

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Well I think some would view it this way, and I am with you I like this idea some would fight more. All I have to say is some people who play monster really just like to run. I could hear people crying when running wraith games go over 1 hour long.


Well nothing about his idea is set. More of just an idea to make the games longer, because I agree that right now fights feel so fast. I know a lot of players would like the pace of game to be longer.

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Maybe they could implement it in customs first. Just have a setting that nerfs all damage and healing. Could call it the “Attrition Switch” in custom matches.
If people like it and it doesn’t lengthen matches too much, then I say completely implement it.

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I think thats a great idea!

@MacMan, can we do this?


Issues with this idea

  1. The dome time atm is based on landing a reliable amount of damage in ~1 minute at 3/4 to full monster armor. If you cut the damage in half you’d need to take the dome time by at least 1.75x
  2. Lowering damage, and healing makes it feel like neither side is doing anything or the game is going very slow.
  3. Cutting monster damage in half would be the same as cutting hunter damage by ~1/4 (due to crits and limb damage).

Lowering damage does a few things.

  1. It allows the hunters to recover much easier
  2. It draws out the game even longer
  3. It causes fights to lose excitement as they take much longer to complete, and they feel less impactful

Yeah to make games longer it is just more then cutting healing and damage. There would be a lot of things that need to be looked at. you really almost have to think about the whole game, but I still like the idea of longer games. I don’t think it will be something that ever happen. Since the pace is set around fast damage, and burst damage. I am not saying this idea is close to perfect I just like the idea of longer games.


I dont know. I feel like your points are very valid, but i still disagree. Or at the very least, I dont feel conviced.

  • I think it would be fine for the dome to be longer. If you are fighting, you are having fun. And if you are having fun time will go by faster.

  • I dont see how this would allow the hunters to recover much easier.

  • I dont see it necessarily means the fights will be longer. i feel like this would encourage more fighting and the matches would be equal in length.

  • I disagree with the excitement point. I have played several games in my life where they were battles of attrition, as opposed to quick matches. And those fights can be equally if not more fun simply because it is prolonged tension, as opposed to momentary gratification.

EDIT: forgot another thing. If we were to halve things like im proposing, it would only extend the fighting moments of the game. If would not change the chasing aspect of it whatsoever. So if we halved the damage, its not like the durations of the matches automatically become doubled.


This is the biggest point I have seen that supports this idea. When a game is a war of attrition, not simply of who could burst down the other the fastest. those games have been unbelievably enjoyable and increadibly trying as well.

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just no , monster will go easy stage 3 full life full armor , by mitigating in every dom with half damage …


I can imagine a scenario where all the hunters are give or take half health. Your mind would be racing thinking “i got them down to half health! Gotta push a bit more to actually get the kill!”

Also, imagine the tension the medics would feel when they struggle to keep the other hunter’s health topped off!

That is attrition! The more I think about it, the more i convince myself this is a good idea!

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Monsters already flee till S3. I dont feel like this idea would actually encourage more fleeing…


Yep, fully support something along these lines, though probably not quite as drastic as 50% :wink:

It is likely that the amount of health gained at evolution, and/or armour, and/or meats to armour ratio would also need to be touched. Shielding would also absolutely have to be touched, and I imagine that some kind of buff to monster traversals and/or cooldowns would also be needed.


Interesting idea, but it would require loads of balancing to work out. maybe the damage and healing shouldnt be halfed though, that feels like too much.


Also, It’s worth considering that this would be a major buff to shield characters, whose job is much easier, and to Laz who now doesn’t care as much about damage anymore, and can be riskier.


Yeah 50% is a bit drastic. Reducing everything by 25% ish might be good, but would need to be rebalanced. Laz would be an absolute beast as his immediate healing would now negate a huge amount more work from the monster.I hink this would be heavily hunter favoured as it would allow them to regroup from the shock and awe of a surprise monster attack. Killing a team at the relay ( a topic at the moment) would become even harder.