What if Bucket's turrets had their range visualized?


What if Bucket’s turrets had their range visualized just like the Mobile Arena while in your hand.

It would help novice Buckets to spread their turrets more effectively and would help more advanced players to more easily find a spots tp create killzones in domes that are not as favorable and one would think optimal placement of the turrets would not be possible.


Even more if it was only on the map like Griffin’s spikes. That would be awesome!


That could potentially become confusing, seeing as the turrets are typically close together.

But yes, that would be great as long as they aren’t confusing.


That’s why I thought if it only appeared on the mini map it would make it less confusing.


Hm… I see what you mean. But it would be more important that bucket be able to see the range in the actual game. I thought you were suggesting this as an addition.


What I mean is when you are holding it in your hand.
Once the turrets are deployed they would work like it normally do and not clutter up your screen.


Ohh, that works too!


I like, would buy.


While this would certainly help some people, you have go ask where does it stop. Does griffin want a range indicator? Maggie?

I don’t think that the gain would be worth it. You set them up. I never cared about it beeing better an inch to the left or right.


Well, I see what you mean but yes, but why not do it then? Why should they not show off their range either?
But then again, do they need it as much as Bucket’s sentries? Bucket sentries is Bucket’s main damage source against the monster and being such an important tool for Bucket, why should it not get a bit of extra love?

With Maggies harpoon traps you don’t really need to place several within range of eatch other, all you need to do is to place it somewhere the monster will go or be baited to, but with Bucket’s turrets it’s quite handy to tell where you should place your turrets to overlap eatch other or to place your circle of five turretsso they all cover the area you will be doing the fighting.

Griffins Soundspike cover a 75 meters radius, so their range is bigger than the dome(50m radius) so I’d say that it showing the range on the map is sufficient.

That is hardly fair to say. I know you are understating on purpose, but since no-one have any exact idea what the range of the turrets currently is other than a gut feeling, you have no idea if that “inch” actually is ten meters.


yes this would be really nice. it would help the whole team, not only bucket.


Except griffins sound spikes do have an indication just not the same one as the dome does.



Awesome idea ! You should tag the Dev’s.


Excellent :smiley:


Sorry meant his poon


I’ll quickly tag @MajorLeeHyper before this topic dies.
As a tester, what do you think about this idea?


I, personally, think it’s an intriguing idea to somehow show the turret’s range, but I’m not sure how feasible it would be, nor how it would impact the game’s balance. I’ll run it by some people and see what they think.



a, maybe, simple way to do it might be to show some kind of translucent dome when bucket is arming the turrets (yellowish for support, maybe) like the trapper sees when they hold the dome