What if Bucket was a Medic/Assault/Trapper?


Bucket has finally decided that only he can be the best of every Hunter class. Complete with a pristine paint job for each of them, Bucket has modified his equipment and programming to better suit each class so that he’ll never deal with an incapable human during a hunt ever again.

http://i.imgur.com/iyzk6W9.png Medic


Bucket has observed Caira’s Grenade Launcher during battle, seeing that she constantly switches between a specified healing mode and a napalm mode. Bucket decided that this was silly and modified his Missile Launcher to do both at the same time. The Multipurpose Missile Launcher automatically alternates between shooting healing missiles, which heal hunters found in the explosion radius, and damaging missiles, which have a bit lower damage than Support Bucket’s missiles. Oh, and it has a shorter reload time too.


Bucket wasn’t sure why MedGuns exist when you could simply have healing turrets. Place up to five down and they act just like Sunny’s Shield Drone and Val’s MedGun combined. Though, Bucket was concerned that overhealing humans’ injuries and whatnot might become a problem, so he made sure that the healing rate per turret was fashionably low.


When fulfilling the medic quota, Bucket didn’t really know how to best adjust his detachable flying head. After brainstorming with Sunny, Bucket modified his flying UAV to shoot up in the air and automatically follow and boost a hunter’s jetpack. Bucket won’t see through the UAV, but he has somehow managed to program his chassis to move with his head detached. The Boost UAV will follow the hunter with the lowest current jetpack and boost them for a short time. With his head detached, Bucket unfortunately suffers a huge movement nerf, though he can still perform his other skills and use his jetpack. However, the UAV can’t target himself, programming limitations and all that fun stuff.


Standard protocol for medics. Nothing special about this one.

http://i.imgur.com/25YgGJ2.png Assault


Bucket gave up laser-guiding his missiles in favor for a more explosive projectile. These do much more damage in a larger radius. They also travel faster too. Parnell expressed discontent about how Bucket’s newly customized missile launcher might deal more damage than his own Rocket Launcher, but Bucket simply laughed.


After observing Hyde’s badassery and general attachment to his Flamethrower, Bucket caved in to his destructive dark side and tailored his turrets to instead spew out geysers of blazing flame. Of course, each turret is only equipped with limited fuel and thus lowers the potential damage that each turret can dish out, much to Bucket’s dismay. While the reload speed is longer, Bucket can still place down five of these bad boys.


Bucket enjoys the sight of huma–, err, monsters, on their knees, so therefore he modified his detachable head to fly up and shoot the monster (if it is nearby and in sight) with a huge laser, dealing massive damage. Bucket is immobile during this and won’t be able to perform any of his other abilities. If Bucket is hit during this, the UAV will be destroyed and initiate the long cooldown with the ability.


Law mandates that all assault class hunters be equipped with a Personal Shield.

http://i.imgur.com/3ITo1cE.png Trapper


In order to satisfy the trapper niche, Bucket decided to reduce the damage of his Missile Launcher to prevent distracting himself from his other trapper duties. The Quickfire Missile Launcher’s missiles can still be laser-guided, but they deal lower damage as a result. To compensate, the firing speed and capacity has been vastly increased and the reload time has been lowered.


Bucket thought that Abe’s Stasis Grenades and Crow’s Stasis Gun were pretty rad, so he outfitted his own turrets with stasis technology. He’s able to place down five turrets, all of which fire in intervals toward the monster, slowing him down for a short while. They don’t do much on their own, but if grouped together and all are aiming at the monster, the slow can be quite devastating.


While his normal Flying UAV is cool and all, Bucket decided that he needed to supercharge it. When using the Automatic UAV, Bucket pops off his head and scans a wide radius around him, visible on the map, if it spots the monster, the UAV will mark the map with the last known position and return to Bucket. This upgraded UAV allows Bucket to move at full-speed while utilizing it! Technology!


ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ raise your domes ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

Hey! Thanks for reading, made this fun little thread from small inspiration and fun conversations during games. Hope you enjoyed!




Love it. 10char


This is really well done, hahaha. <3 :+1:


Medic and Trapper Bucket would be cool, but I can’t see him becoming an Assault.

Before TRS stops supporting this game, I would like to see them release controls of it to Modders.

Markov the Medic, whose Lightning Gun works so much better than Val’s Salveron Ray at close quarters, and his mines would tranq the monster.
Lazarus the Support, whose Lazarus Device increases the damage a player deals for 10 seconds.
Griffin the Assault, whose Harpoon Gun deals greater damage to the monster the longer its stuck in, and whose Toxic Spikes emit a foul stench when wildlife or a monster gets close.
Hank the Medic, whose Orbital Barrage now heals all Hunters in its AoE.

The possibilities…


I would absolutely love this, but they don’t all need the exact same moveset. Trapper bucket could do without laser guided, in my opinion. Shoot and forget wouold work best, and maybe another tracking device. Healing turrets sounds fine, but unless they stack, they wouldn’t be viable, and with all these turrets, at a minimum of twenty, that’s a LOT of turrets. coud result in lag. Another idea for assault ould be more grenade like instead of rocket, just to spruce it up. They shouldn’t all feel exactly the same. And lastly, I think all of them having a UAV is a bit unnecessary. Medic could maybe do a switch thing like ciara, since healing rockets and damage ones at the same time would be tough. Assault launcher is fine, although maybe instead of UAV he could have another weapon? I don’t know. IT’s your idea. @MacMan Take notes


I’m all for the :medic: :bucket:


I think you should add in a bucket monster. Like bucket should ride on daisy and become the evil overlord he should be.


And then gets rekt by gobi.


I always thought gobi would steal the spotlight from super bucket :smirk:


I meant as in, gobi would swoop down and be like:


You too, lazy mut.

And then a huge explosion happens, when torvald uses his planetary-destroyer mortars, the 3 fuse, INTO SUPER MAGS !!!


And then laz comes in and clutch revives the planet :astonished:


Woah woah woah, hold on a minute, why the hell don’t they nuke the living crap out of shear, then lazarus uses glove on it ?


Because laz is no mere medic. He is the reaper.


Of Soulzzzzzzzzzzzzz


I think i lost a brain cell… this talk of reapers and super buckets has my mind blown. I should lie down for a century or two.


Can i join you ? I have pizza.


Hell yeah i got the 2nd evolve. EVOLVE 2 BUCKET STRIKES BACK!


5 Buckets, one daisy, BUCKETCEPTION !!!


Truly, this conversation escalated quickly.