What if 10 char


What if the monsters were the good guys?
This would change everything. They might be attacking shear because they might have destroyed their planet and so they might want revenge by destroying the human population on every planet one by one!
Any thoughts?


I would like to see more evidence to see if this is a possibility


Why’d they attack Factor then? o.O


I think the Monsters are a play off of Pacific Rim. In other words, it’s likely that they were designed by some alien race and being used as a weapons against human colonists. The aliens most likely have a stake in Shear and wish to drive humanity off of it via monsters. I mean, these creatures can withstand heavy artillery, lasers, missiles, gunfire, etc, so it’s likely they’re designed and in of themselves, an invasive species on Shear.


Revenge is never the answer my young padawan


What do you mean, “what if”?

… I mean, how are the monsters not the good guys?


That, my friend, varies on what your thought process might lie when its related to the monsters, some people think they are defending shear, others, like me, think they are mindless beasts that must be stopped, at all costs.

Someone had a tab, something about the types of people, it had neutrals, greaters, something, unfortunadely i cannot bring it up or it would help with the discussion.


IIRC the dropship conversations state that the monsters were either hibernating on shear or they are invading. But it seems from the conversations that invading is more likely.


Clearly the Hunters is the bad Guys, they hunt the monsters, not the other way around.


Given that they also attacked Factor, I think it’s definitely invading.


Are you sure it was the same monsters? I’m not entirely sure, but I could have sworn Maggie said she didn’t know what attacked Factor. I could be wrong though.


She pratically said it was the behemoth, its even said in the loading screen too.


Ah I didn’t catch that. Cool, that’s good to know.


They hunt the monsters because they are defending the colonists. The monsters are alien to Shear and are invading and killing the locals and wrecking the place. That’s why there’s evacuating the planet.


Well, the monsters kind of slaughtered the colonial defense forces, in one week, and the hunters arrived too late, at the final evacuation ship, so the planet was lost, should they had come earlier perhaps…


Yeah, the wrecked shop pretty fast.



If it ever comes to earth we have a couple thousand evolve players to kick their ass back into space.

And a cow.


There are no good guys.


Shhhh. Don’t awake the beast.