What I'd like to see in a map

Why not have a City map, with AI controlling civilians. Monster goes in there, civies start running away, to a safe house or bunker or something. Monster could destroy it to get at the people inside, but it would take a while, and there’s a loud alarm blaring in the area that the monster is in. And/or if the monster stays in the area for too long, AI controlled Hunters (Like the EbonStar AI soldier) start showing up. An opportunity for a lot of ‘food’ but also a dangerous area to remain in for too long.

Could be interesting. Although it would quite difficult to balance the solders if they gave them any type of firepower. I would love more large maps. I almost feel like some of the ones I see often are so tiny.

I was thinking just having the soldiers get what they usually got in Evac maps

Sounds extremely Hunter favored in every sense of the word.

The City wouldn’t be the whole map, but at least 1/4th of it or something. Rest would be a wildlife area, like a jungle or desert or something

Well the solders from the evac were comparable to the medics in damage. I would almost say for it to be like the tutorial with them being fairly rare. It would be interesting but I do suggest that having several multi tiered areas like foundry would be cool.

So… Jurassic Park Evolve edition.

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Welcome to Shaer Park. We spared no expense.

‘Yeah, we couldn’t find any dinosaur DNA here. But we did find these giant things!’

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That sounds awesome. Imagine fighting off the monster with your ebonstar comrades.

Well as I imagine it would be a few only and would hurt less than a rogue mammoth bird pack.

Lol the soldiers still wouldn’t be as annoying as Mammoth Birds. :stuck_out_tongue:
I want to see this!! Maybe to balance it, add raiders running around with pistols that would shoot the Hunters on sight, for minimal damage though. Would add some interesting dialogue.
Markov: “I’m here to SAVE you colonists!!! Don’t make me fry you!!!”