What I'd give to wait a little extra just for ONE role


There should be an option to only queue for ONE specific role granted you’d have to wait longer.

I just want to play monster against randoms but I keep having to queue, find out I didn’t get it, leave, wait 60 seconds, queue again…

it hurts me fingers my lord :frowning:

So nobody wants to play Monsters?

This would be good across the board. Not only for people who just want to master one, but for people complaining about people leaving when games start.


Yeah… i leave so quick


Yeah not only that. its starting to really kill my enjoyment of the game. Having to play the Que up game since its hard to play as your favorite role. I wouldnt even mind if it took like 2-5mins as long as its reliable on getting your one role.


I agree… I play in window full so i can alt tab and browse internet/forums/cat videos while I waited :stuck_out_tongue:


Someone has to fill the empty slots…


This is actually a good counter argument… if everyone chose one role would less games get filled? Because that’d be counter productive which is something I’m sure @MacMan has discussed amongst the TRS devs.

I’m torn.


I think that if that occurred then it would show a fault in the game design. If one class is so much more fun to play than any other class that everyone is trying to be that class then the classes were not designed effectively and need to be redesigned.

Personally I doubt that would happen.



every night I probably spend about 10-15 minutes out of every hour trying to find a monster game WHEN I want to monster. Sometimes I get launched into the middle of a game as monster then afterwards I get shifted to hunter so that’s depressing :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s making me apathetic towards pub queueing.