What icon will the full game have? And what happened to Daisy?!


Just a question by the way: Will the icon be like the alpha-icon or the beta-icon?

I liked the “V” from the alpha more than the new footprint. I hope someone will have an answer to this life-changing, important question.

Also dafuq happened to Daisy? Did she get some steroids or did she went with mag into dog obedience school or what? She is so usefull now and so incredibly annoying for a sneaking monster. She is tracking me down so fast, completly nullifying my loved “Lay wrong footprints and sneak everywhere”-tactic. I really like it but isn’t it a little bit to much? You just have to run where she is looking at and you have a 99% chance to see the monster running, flying away in the distance. Couldn’t she look for the monster a little bit more like a dog? Running from side to side, sometimes just looking up and smeling and the nose a little bit more sticked to the ground and SLOWER. She’s like a little machine, chasing after you in perfection on highspeed like she is stuck with rubber band to your ass.


Learn to deal with daisy, if they nerfed it so you didn’t have to get better then it would hurt Maggie/hunter teams


That may be my favorite line in this entire forum.