What I would like to see changed


Hello everyone. So I was wondering if anyone out there has any ideas for future changes to Evolve. I got a few that I would love to see in the game. First, I love the character Crow but I think his batray Gobi is underpowered compared to Daisy. I think Gobi should follow the monster for a short while and highlight it also because the current ability doesn’t seem to last long enough to me. I also feel all monster should move a little faster while sneaking because when tracked by Daisy I can never seem to sneak away fast enough. And when the monster knocks down tree, they should be highlighted the same as monster footsteps. There are times when I can never find a sneaking monster without Daisy so highlighting damaged trees seem cool. I also feel character perks should be changed, meaning the generic perks like attack/defense/movement speed (perks that benefit both monster and hunter) should be found on elite wildlife only. Yet hunter/monster specific perks should be the only ones that are optional from the perk screen. Also it would be great if elite monster buffs stacked with current perks, OP yes but could be fun with limitations of course. And lastly, I would love to see an option for randomization in maps and map effects when playing a custom game. I like to play a lot of round robin with friends and I hate having to start over just to select a new map and map effects. I would like to set that to random and just play so we can deal with whatever comes. How does everyone else feel about these and what are your ideas?


That’s because dogs sniff you out. That’s why the police use them when criminals try to sneak away; dogs catch on and catch up. Don’t sneak around Maggie, unless you can kill Daisy first.

Gobi is currently the second best way of keeping taps on the monster. The only way you can do this more efficiently is by using Daisy. Gobi’s range can be anywhere between 10m to 200m; just make sure you don’t aim at walls.

Anyone with a pair of eyes can see a tree that has fallen over recently. The trees don’t decay for quite a while. If you can’t see a tree lying on the ground, the monster most likely isn’t around anymore. You can use audio cues (wild life sounds, footsteps, etc.) to find the monster, as well as each trapper’s individual tracking system.

These will be changed in a future update, which will be released around Summer time, I believe.

Wild life buffs have caused quite a few stirrs in the past. It’s an iffy thing that has very different opinions. I personally would never agree with this, because of how game changing the buffs already are.

Ugh. So true! Preach! :clap:


You can do this (w/o evacuation effects) have 5 people in the game and start a quick play. It turns it into a custom with random maps, and game modes. @startswimming (because you seemed to want it as well)


Except you’re forced to play Defend and Arena as well, but without the option to skip. Trust me, I’ve tried it with friends.

There is no way to play hunt only with round robin and getting randomized maps. With a full party, that is.


Many in the high/competitive level feel gobi is TOO powerful.

And feel that daisy is the weakest tracking tool in the game.

Theyre actually looking at dialing gobi down.

You can random the maps currently. Not so much the effects (to my knowledge anyways).


As I said, a full 5 man party, in quick play turns it into a custom with random maps. Get a mode you don’t want? Back out and start it again. And you can change the monster out by hitting the change team button between rounds. Trust me I do it daily with friends.


It’s the backing out that is annoying. There should be a way to skip those modes, or deselect them ^^


Agreed annoying. But IMO its easier than changing maps each time.


Thanks for replying to my suggestions, I appreciate your input. I would also love it if the skins for the monster actually mattered more to camouflage it. On some maps using the gold skin works but the dam AI always says when it sees me even if the player themselves do not. So that’s a dead give away for any hunter. It’s cool because it keeps the pressure on the monster but to be able to completely blend in is nice. Either way I am still happy with the skins


That’s the point of Daisy. She prevents the Monster to sneak, because even if you’re in water, sneaking, or jumping, she can still smell you and will follow you directly, and the Hunters will find you, easy, if they’re following her. So, just a bit of a tip, don’t sneak when Maggie is in the match unless Daisy is dead, because she will always lead the Hunters to your exact location, and quickly.