What I would give if 2K weren't the publishers


To start off, I am in no means an expert on game publishing and how much the game developers actually control in the marketing department and the release/pricing of DLC and micro-transactions.

Not sure how often this has been mentioned, but after recalling the whole Hunter “Season” pass fiasco (I should call it a scam, but I digress…) it made me really wish TRS partnered with a different publisher than 2K.

I play a lot of the NBA 2K series, so I have a lot of experience dealing with one of the most money hungry game companies I’ve seen. 2K has a history trying to milk its fan base for all the money they can, which include making it increasingly difficult to compete online without purchasing micro-transactions to buy packs or raising your MyPlayer’s attributes.

Anyways, to this day I am still playing Left 4 Dead (my favorite game of all time), and I was just dreaming of what Evolve could have been like if Valve published Evolve…

EDIT: I should have mentioned I stopped playing around the time the 2nd round of DLC hunters were released


Well tbh I don’t see that with this game at all. They’ve committed to evolve as a long term project, and there have been a lot of patches for this game. The problem, I think, had more to do with the actual game. Shit tutorials, a plethora of game breaking bugs, and horrendous balancing all did way more damage to Evolve than a poor marketing campaign, IMO.


Well to be completely fair…

2K BOUGHT Evolve. When THQ went under TRS scraped together as much capital as they could to possibly buy the rights to Evolve is nobody was interested but 2K bought them for $11 million, which is huge for an IP. Now from what I understand TRS is given a large amount of creative freedom, something a lot of Publishers wouldn’t have done.

Now I agree with you on the whole marketing thing. I think 2K could have done much better with it. Like you said, NBA has a ton of micro’s and DLC, however I can tell you, people buy it, A LOT. I don’t blame 2K for going with what has proven to work and make money. As far as the Hunting Season Pass goes, I think it was a cool idea. Real life Hunters know there are multiple “Hunting Seasons” a year. However in the context of a video game, people have been conditioned to believe “Season Pass” means “All the DLC ever made”. In this case it clearly stated what your money got you so it’s really on the consumer to be paying attention.

And one final point. You really think if VALVE published this game there wouldn’t be micro-transactions? VALVE of all Publishers? Hats/Skins/Crates/Keys/DOTA VALVE? They would see a game like this and pass that up? I disagree, this game would still have all that stuff if Valve published it.


Activision: supply drops=money
EA: don’t get me started
Valve? Have you ever played CS:GO?

Don’t say that one publisher is more money hungry then another. 2k has never made a game pay to win and is probably the least money hungry publishers in the world, considering GTA 5 got them 5 billion bucks on hard copy’s alone.


Evolve wandered in the forest of development , struggling to find capital. He walked towards a strange figure.
GABEN! he cried feeling save close to him.
Gaben reached out his hand . He offered protection to Evolve , he offered fame , a good playerbase , hats…

But 2K jumped out of the darkness , grabbing evolve by the tail dragged him back .
NOOOOO! Yelled Gaben as he lost another potential son ,who would in turn return his love as money.

Now Evolve returned to Gaben , but as a twisted scam only bent on scamming.


Like Tom mentioned, Evolve is 2K’s IP. TRS is just contracted to develop it.

The history of Evolve is that originally it was under the name Metamorphosis. TRS at the time tried to get interest in the game but at the end only THQ wanted it and got the publishing rights. It’s a risky game to make so its understandable why it was a hard sell.

When THQ went bankup TRS tried to buy it from them, but 2K out bid them by $10 million dollars. 2k now owns the rights to the franchise and publishing.

The cool thing is though its been mentioned a few times that TRS had more creative freedom under 2K then with THQ. Especially when it came to the designs and stuff.

On the pricing and business model of the game well, I don’t think it would be that dramatic of a change if another publisher were to have taken the game. But it could’ve been better if people involved with PR and the business model weren’t as bad as the game currently is.

I think simply holding back the DLC announcement back farther by say a few months would’ve helped, making an actual Season Pass. Like “Season pass has both tier 4 and tier 5 hunters and monsters”, called the hunting pass just Hunting Season 1 and 2 or anything really. Including more free cosmetics with the standard game to unlock would’ve been nice too.

But still

  • Valve would’ve bloated the game with cosmetics or whatever is wrong with CSGO right now.
  • Activision would’ve oversaturate the game with supply drops and microtransactions. Not to mention anal releases.
  • EA, the game might be relatively the same because EA had given Respawn quite the creative freedom. But it will probably suck at the end because EA is toxic.
  • Ubisoft would’ve butchered the game rushing it into the market and then get another studio. People would hate it because of their DRM policies. Years later Ubisoft would have a change of heart and instead of anual releases they’d go biennial and go the same route they did with RS6 and made all the tiers free with the standard game.
  • Nintendo lol… Can it and Ubisoft even by a US property game? I know it doesn’t work with Japanese IPs.
  • MS or Sony would’ve used the game as a calling card for their consoles and made them exclusive, they wouldn’t have lasting interest probably due to them already a heap of money making internal studios.
  • SE, not sure. But I guess the game would’ve been more bland?

In the end the results would’ve been similar, but the outcome might have diferences here and there. Because Evolve’s only problem isn’t the publishers its also the core concept of the game, its just so hard to keep people in it.

But one thing I do applaud TRS and 2K for doing is for daring to be different in a sea of generic shooters, and for taking the risk with a asymmetrical game-play.


Hi everyone,

This topic has been touched on several times in the past. We can debate what could or would have been forever, but the fact is that it doesn’t change anything and usually devolves into publisher bashing.

I am going to close this topic and leave it up to the Community team to reopen if they feel this topic has merit.




I’m pretty sure that both developers and publishers are passionate about the projects they are involved with.

2K has already stated that Evolve would be a permanent franchise. 2K pretty much saved Evolve when THQ had problems.

I am pretty sure that IP of Evolve will be extended and further sequels/prequels will clear up the issues this one had.

Thanks @TheMountainThatRoars.