What I want to see for tier 5!


Assault: a real bring on the fucking pain character like Hyde,incept with a German high rate of fire , high damage ww2 style mg. Secondary mgl grenade launcher, and dome spikes ( ceatures within the radius take 2x the damage).

Support: Uzi SMG primary, grenades that boost a Hunter’s class ability, and manual shield

Trapper:duel 1887 style shotguns with a cool cocking animation and suppressors, poison dart ( both slows target and does damage over time. And cloak.

Medic: someone Hyde’s size, maybe Greek with a scar- h, healing launcher ( a single projectile that explodes when it comes in contact with an ally creating a small burst of healing) and a damage resistance field.


No one can be like Hyde, he’s too amazing. @ToiletWraith would agree.


Hyde is Hyde.

How life is.


Unreplaceable lovely cockney Mercury Man.

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Assault: id rather have a long range assault. one who speciallizes in air combat. maybe an ability like parnells. no hp loss. but for a limited time he can fly. his main gun is a sniper. the sniper does good damage, but the perk is that it can work with his support weapon. the 6 box missile silo. if the sniper hits it leaves a mark . the missiles go to that mark. making missing very bad since you cannot free fire the secondary weapon if the sniper has been fired. wears out over time of course.

Support: we have shields. we have damage amp. we have trapper assist + damage.

so i think we need a medic help. aka support does less damage. but assists in healing. hence the healing silo. the aoe placeable turret like we see in evac. add in the uzi smg primary. and grenades to boost hunter class like you said.

trapper: I want a bow. he doesnt have to be niche native american .he can be hawkeye cig9 style. thats his main weapon. his 2 slots are types of arrows. slot 1 is 3 types. poison, explosive, and armor crushing. slot 2 is grapple, spirit sense, hallucinate
armor crushing does bonus% damage when firing on armor. does little to nothing to hp.
grapple cannot be equipped and fired with the 6 shot ability.
spirit sense is cabots dust tag but in red. like the animal sense perk for x amount of time.
hallucinate makes 1 hunter a duplicate for a limited amount of time. max duplicate is 4 (sorry no double daisy lol)

basically. the trapper gets 6 arrows to “load up” he can fire 1 at a time. or charge it and fire all 6. you can mix and match all you like. because you have access to 6. you can imagine the CD for these are low. so you hit slot 1 (square) and then the three options pop up and you hit the button for the arrow you want till you have six.

Medic: someone from shear that worked on the wraith trap facility. he has harnessed its power to warp through rifts. he can now teleport to safety. no one else can however. hes selfish like that.
his healing…is a counter heal. so you place a shieldish thing around the target, if that target is hit within the next 3 seconds. they are healed instantly. so this medics goal is to guess and/or help the singled target.
his gun is uhh…dual six shooters. or magnums lol.

dam that was alot lol.

What i DON'T want to see with tier 5 hunters (if they come)

What I want to see is a weapon that has to be charged to deal heavy damage and a beam that does moderate damage while slowing the monster (Like a freeze ray)

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Robit, love me some robits.


Hyde for all classes
Trapper: slowing goo sprayer
Support: Damage resistance sprayer
Medic: Healing mist sprayer
It makes perfect sense don’t judge me :slight_smile:


I want mr. Freeze and puns lots and lots of terrible puns.


Ice to meet you.


Exactly I want to hear Arnold Schwarzenegger level puns.


Dropship Conversation:
Hunter - “Let’s kick some ice!”


Here are some ideas I had floating around: (Disclaimer: Not all of theses are meant to be paired together. Also, some of these may have come up in past posts.)

Support: (Cloak + Weapon)

Utility Recharge Beam - Beam would decrease the cooldown time for primary abilities on characters. It would not work while that ability is currently active. (e.g. You could not recharge Assaults personal shield while it was active.)

Cloak Drone - This would work like Slim’s “bug” but it would have a timer. (20 -25 seconds?) If a character took damage the drone would release and make the character visible again.

Medic: (Heal Burst + Weapon)

Orbital Heal - This would have a larger spread than Hank’s barrage but a smaller spread than Cabot’s dust. It would do significant healing but also have a cooldown similar to Hank’s orbital.

Stackable Healing Burst - Healing Burst would stack and be the only measure of healing. (2x or 3x depending on balance) Same cooldown/recharge speed as normal.

Necro-heal - Passive regeneration and the ability to give your health to another player. (Regeneration would not stack with buff or perk)

Trapper: (Dome + Weapon)

Thermal Signature Device - This would show all wildlife and the monster, within a given distance. (Like the animal sense buff) It would detect faint footprints or the Monster’s pheromones at further distances.

paired with

Bouncing Bear Trap - Since this Trapper wouldn’t have the best locating method, his CC would be more powerful. You could place 5 on the map, same arm time as Maggie’s harpoons, but would take 2 basic attacks to disable once triggered. They would have to spring into the air, because…you know…Krakens.


What we need is a hunter who can break the fourth wall, imagine it.


Why has everyone left out the monster?


Because this is in the hunters section.


Ok i’ll make monster tier 5 topic


A medic who can only heal himself.

But as long as he live everyone is immortal!