What I used to think of when I used the name "Goliath"


This is the badass creature that I now think of when I use the name Goliath:

Not this:

I still remember the name Goliath being crap in my eyes because of that show before there was something called Evolve. Now this name is awesome to me. Thanks TRS.


Hating Gargoyles

Shit taste confirmed. Orbital strike en route.


Heads up, changed your topic to “Off topic” as it suits better for your story.


Ok… Goliath from Gargoyles… you get a like for such a great mention.

dont forget your sling


…What the hell is that?


Caira next napalm grenade target confirmed


I get it.


(Very controversial opinion incoming)

Goliath from Gargoyles, one of the WORST shows I ever saw.


I remember seeing the character…but not the show

I wonder why


Doubling down on having shit taste.

Bold move.