What I think of when people say Brohemoth


She say’s nothing but Brother puns


Prepare to get br-owned

  1. Bro
  2. Broseidon
  3. Han Brolo
  4. Brohan
  5. Broku
  6. Mr. BroBro/Pobro/BroPo (Popo :wink: )
  7. Broham
  8. Bromance
  9. Necbromancy
  10. Brony -.-
  11. Seth Brogan
  12. Broseph

done… for now


I feel like I started the Brohemoth trend when I officially declared that the Behemoth be called such when I had like 70 viewers on Twitch once within the first few nights of Behemoths release…

I swear thats what it feels like since I never heard anyone call him that before hand.

Not saying its impossible for somebody else to call him such but most people were calling him Bob for whatever reason.


Huh…how does some one live and speak only puns with “bro”? Its pretty impossible. But it seems pretty cool if someone can.

My question is where the pie’s are


You know, I’ve never even called my actual brother “bro”… Yet for some reason, the online community calls everyone bro? Confusing stuff the world is.


Not sure why either? Huh what can ya do thpugh




Sounds erotic bro



Oh my god. The images, too many images


Its nothing but bromance bro!


That sounds so bromantic.


Yup, so is necbromancy… The act of reviving an old broship


It smurfs me how many smurfs forgot when the original “smurf” was actually “smurf”, not “smurf” with it’s smurfilion meaning and versions based on every smurf imaginable. I’m sure an intersmurf search on Smurf would bring you hundreds of pages with smurf smurfs and list of smurf related smurfs. Smurfing beats smurfing every time. Smurf smurf me if I lie.
On another smurf, my favorite hunter smurf is Ciara


My buddy @ZeroClarity calls the jade behemoth Greenhemoth
I have no idea why. But it sure as hell does stick…


It’s Caira


William Da’bro!


Broline, Bro7, Broling, BroW, Browln dunno not that creative :stuck_out_tongue:


Btw we need a Behe gif while he is roling with the song “ridin dirty - chamillionaire”