What I think of Torvald after a decent amount of play


So I managed to max out Torvald, he’s my favorite assault (I never really liked the first 3) and I think he’s pretty fun but needs a tiny bit of tuning. His mortars do insane damage at the cost of a minimum firing range and a delayed impact. His shotgun is pretty good but as I played him I felt like it did less damage than I originally thought. His grenades are cool and seem pretty balanced.

I like Torvald because I’ve always liked the longer range characters and Torvald’s mortars totally fit that. I also like him because he plays really differently than the other 3 assaults. The other assaults want to get up in the monsters face but Torvald is more effective when he’s hanging back and launching mortars. I think what needs balancing is his mortars minimum range and his shotgun. Maybe his personal shield too. Since his mortars are his bread and butter getting up close and in his face is actually a pretty effective way to deal with him. If his shotgun did slightly less damage it would make this strategy more useful. The other thing is his personal shield makes it so attacking him isn’t that effective. Laz has a different cd on his healing burst than the other medics, maybe Torvald’s shield should last for less time. Since Torvald can kind of just hang back and shoot with his mortars if the monster goes after him he usually has full jet fuel and the shield is basically just icing on the cake. I also think Torvald’s mortars need to have their minimum range increased so that the area he can’t use them in is bigger and that way if the monster does get close he isn’t eating every single shotgun pellet.

Overall I think he’s actually pretty balanced but if what makes him “him” gets emphasized he’ll feel more balanced. His mortars really hurt but some of the damage can be avoided by moving (behemoth is just screwed and kraken doesn’t care), and his shotgun is not quite as nasty as it seems. Like I said before his grenades are totally fine.


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