What I think might help Gorgon vs Premades


So, it’s pretty well established that Gorgon suffers against ANY organized team. Now how can we tweak this monster to be a bit more effective? These are my ideas…feel free to add/critique them!

1: Spider trap needs to feel a bit more ambush-like in my mind. So here’s my thoughts. The trap should be barely to NOT visible at all to the hunters (except for crow). Maybe balance this with less health/more time until it attacks after being placed? This would cut back the spammy nature of it and make it a bit more tactical also. Otherwise I think this ability is mostly good.

2: Acid spit. This attack is also mostly good. However I feel it’s a little hard to deal reliable damage. So I would say maybe add either a slight lingering effect if the hunter is in it for more than a certain amount of time, or maybe increase the “height” in which it inflicts damage slightly. I’m not talking a huge increase. But enough to make it a more “denying” area of denial effect.

3: Spider web. Honestly, I would rather see this slow down less overall, but affect both jetpack AND movement speed. I don’t feel it’s punishing enough for the hunters as it is. A good team can still work around this and negate its negative effects.

4: Mimic. A great concept but I think it needs a good reworking. First of all, I don’t think the hunters should be able to cancel it by damaging the main body. The high damage it does should be more of a risk/reward situation instead of a “failing miserably every time I use it” situation. It’s base radius needs a buff also, it just can’t get to where it needs to in time for it to work. I also would like to see the health bar removed from the hunters screen.

Let me know what you think/your thoughts!


I think she’s balanced already, and that people need to play with her more to figure her out


I agree on 3 and 4. 2 is just fine as long as you spray it everywhere, 1 would just be too op.


I’ve played many games on solo to get her mechanics down and then games on quick play. But as a silver ranked monster, I haven’t won against a pre made yet with her. And I’m a fairly good monster. The only real want to focus damage is to spam the pounce. Which isn’t always a reliable tactic.


Yeah she’s weak against silver teams.

I’d say buff the spider web so it slows hunters down more with a bit of damage effect.

Make the acid spit do more damage if initially caught in the spray.

Make the mimic detonate whenever you like and also more health but lower the damage at s3

Make the spider bug less spammy increase the cool down rate so you can’t just spam them out every second


Web actually does a dot effect although it is low. If they increased cooldown of the trap they would have to boost health otherwise it will become decoy2.0. People can already kill it if they pay attention.


@10shredder00 thoughts? I know you have strong feelings on the subject.


Well I have strong feelings for anything regarding balance since I play nearly every day I feel I have a very good understanding for what is too strong, too weak, and what is pretty close to okay.

So here are my thoughts on the subject.


Yes, Gorgon is an insane pub stomper. She crushes pubs, probably harder than any other Monster because of her ability to make jetpacks crab and for pubs who live on jetpacks but cannot manage them properly, they fall down a lot and get strikes. However a good team that knows how to counter won’t waste their jetpack when snared, will walk instead, and fly away when the effect is over.

Due to the fact that her main strength comes from comboing Spider Trap + Web Snare + Acid Spray, it tends to make it hard for her to fight premades since missing a single one of these abilities (or Spider Trap being flat out killed before it does it’s job) can be extremely devastating for the combo you’re trying to setup.

Therefore, Gorgon crushes pubs but will genuinely struggle a lot with premades unless they’re caught by surprise and split up.

##Thread Suggestions:

Personally, I like the idea of Spider Trap not being visible, it keeps it alive longer than it normally would be and this wouldn’t really affect pubs since they can’t look down anyway. Crow being able to see it with Gobi is a good idea since Gobi sees everything for some ungodly reason.

Spider Trap is one of if not her most useful ability in her arsenal when it isn’t immediately shut down.

Acid Spray to me is more of an ability that blocks off an area on the ground. You can pass for heavy damage or use jetpack to get over it. Adding height wouldn’t make sense since:

  • It removes all reason to waste jetpack in exchange for health
  • It’s acid and it shouldn’t be radiating more than a meter or two above the ground.

As for the lingering idea, I feel that would definitely help keep some damage since unless you have hit the Hunter with a Web Snare you’ll be dealing no damage by just spraying them with acid since it is so inneffective at hitting and much more effective at denying paths.

I think the slow is fine as is, personally if anything is to be done I’d say to slow movement by about 10 to 15% max along with the current jetpack slows. As stands now, a good premade won’t waste their jetpack in it but they have more than enough movement speed to outrun the acid and escape it with no damage.

Slowing both to a reasonable degree will definitely make it more punishing.

Agreed on all these points. The Gorgon player should have the choice of soaking the damage in exchange for heavy damage or run. It should be the Gorgon’s choice, not bullets. Alongside that, the radius is very small, I’ve had times it’s been inches from a Hunter but no damage what-so-ever, removing the health bar will also cause more Hunters to target it rather than just:

“Oh Assault’s got it.”

I also feel mimic may be able to get away with a bit more hitpoints since it stands little chance in combat whether that be from being canceled or flat out killed.

I also think her wall pouncing should have a bigger max radius and she should be able to pounce straight downwards.

This is just my opinion though.


From what I see, a lot of people playing as her feel shes under powered and at the same time hunters are also saying shes overpowered and I think it’s a situation where she can be extremely strong if played a certain way but on the other hand there are qualities that are lacking which can make her feel like a hard monster to master.

Gorgon to me feels like she’s in the right spot, there’s not a whole lot of drastic changes that need to be made but a little fine tuning might be in order. As someone who has quite a few games on her I’d like to voice my personal opinion on possible changes to improve the experience for both sides and I’ll go into a little more detail below after.

Web Snare: feels ok, not too strong but a reliable source of damage and a way to reduce damage. (No changes)

Acid Spit: needs a damage increase if only by a little, should be punishing a hunter for standing in it.

Spider Trap: remove the initial damage it deals but maybe keep the constricting damage.

Mimic: hunters should not be able to cancel the ability by shooting the main body, especially from the ground and give it a radius increase and at the cost of all this I would be ok with a damage reduction on the explosion itself.

Wall Pounce: I’m adding this here because I see it as an ability as well, it feels right and it’s currently one of the few ways Gorgon can guarantee a strike. (No changes)

Now for the nitty-gritty, the reason for the changes and what it will do. Keep in mind Gorgon is NOT a brawler, she cannot sit in the middle of the dome attacking. Shes a monster that needs to rely on her ability’s to help her with reducing damage, things like distractions (Spider Trap), or things like acid spit or web snare to break up hunter positioning.

As far as acid spit goes, it’s damage feel’s lackluster, it’s not a reliable source of damage but damage is damage right? After every game I’m finding acid spit is doing only a third of what web snare is doing and I think there’s an issue with that. Web snare is an ability that if it land’s all you can do as a hunter is accept the damage, you have no way of removing it but at the same time you are able to get out of acid fairly quickly possibly taking no damage at all and after a short few seconds, that spot is now clear of acid and you can go back.

To remedy this it could be possible to not “buff” her but to move the damage from one ability to the other and you can do this by removing the initial damage from the trap activating and add that to acid spit. Most hunters find spider traps extremely frustrating to play against because of the damage it deals and the amount of health it has. Personally, spider trap should not be a source of damage (at least one that you rely on), it should be treated more exclusively as a way to isolate a hunter to give yourself enough time to try and get someone else (and trust me when I say premades are extremely good at dealing with traps, in most cases it never actually plays its part). To comment on the massive health pool that people dislike, unfortunately that’s mandatory, anything lower and she would melt just as fast as a marsh strider. Keep in mind, most of her survivability is currently coming from a visual error when she uses traversal and the second that bug is fixed, shes going to be taking a LOT more damage.

Mimic is the only other big ability that needs work. It has an extremely good concept but it very rarely ever provides you with value considering how many points it requires to make it work and making it work requires even more resources than just the ability on its own (if you even have traversals left after trying to get in a safe spot to cast it) and in that time that damage can be easily recovered. Making it usable at point blank while taking shots would be way too hard for the hunters to deal with but if the damage is at least reduced to compensate then it might have more utility. The health pool on the mimic seems fine and currently allows for counter play.

To me she feels really good with how she is but with a little more fine tuning I think she will be balanced enough while keeping her unique distraction/isolation play style in tact but if someone disagrees with my thought’s on changes I would like to know what you think should be done differently!