What I think about the latest patch


Ok, i’ll be straight, I do like the new characters, their look and kit feels quite nice,

But at the same time i hate them

As the behemoth, i enjoy being a big rolling mass, but from what i can get thats all he really is at the moment.
He doesn’t do a decent amount of dmg and his abilities take too long to set up, in that time the hunters can predict where he is aiming and move out of the way of the shots, and since he cant really change the direction of some of his more damaging abilities its easy to fight against him.
The Behemoth has a huge weak spot, and what’s worse is that it is easiest to hit when he is facing you, i.e when he is attacking you. It makes me scared to fight anyone since i know that while i am bashing on them, they are gonna be bashing on me harder. As he can’t jump all a hunter needs to do to avoid him is simply to use their jetpack to fly over you or onto a ledge. This is made especially difficult when you have hunters who know how to navigate and how to position themselves.
In my opinion the only thing Behemoth has going for him is the fact that he can avoid the placement of dome on him, literally all he has to do is roll away and the dome will miss him 70% of the time if the trapper began placing it while standing next to him.

Slim, aesthetically, is my favourite hunter, i mean sure he just looks like Abe Sapien from Hellboy, but thats kinda what i like about him, that he isn’t the generic human or cyborg on the team.
But i hate playing against him, how he can just continue to heal all damage done to him, he is basically a tank! couple him with a shield from Hank or Sunny and he is next to impossible to kill, i mean a decent monster knows to focus the medic first, but that is now made incredibly hard to do against Slim.
His kit in general is fun to play with, although the stink bomb seems to be a more useless ability than daisy is on maggie, (since you can’t control daisy to tell her to revive etc, it is basically an empty ability slot) since there isnt often a time to use the stink bomb, all you really need to do is use the leech and spam heal.
But i think the worst part about slim is his mastery system, when you are asked to keep the monster in the stink cloud for 20 seconds, this is basically asking you to ignore your role as a healer and spam the stink bomb on the monster since it is clear the monster isn’t going to stand still in a cloud of stink for that long, even the ai isnt that dumb.

I haven’t played that much of Sunny, even though i know her potential as a powerhouse support. playing against her is incredibly annoying, she just has to play a shield drone and then do her thing, and the shield drone is incredibly op.
To start with it is very good at its job, shielding the hunters whenever they take damage, but it has no cooldown on the shield, it can switch between hunters indefinitely as it will stay up forever. and destroying it is also pretty difficult, at the very least, three attacks on it, maybe one rank 3 ability but i haven’t had the chance to test that out since i have been kinda busy trying to kill the hunters that are destroying me. Her nuke does an incredible amount of damage, i guess its called a nuke for a reason right? As it can be launched and then hit its target in no time at all, pretty much impossible to dodge.
I have no gripes about her Jetpack booster, it seems pretty balanced and requires good knowledge to know who to boost toward the monster and is useful in combat situations to get friends out of trouble.

Crow is my favourite hunter to play as, his kit is fantastic, ranging from the scouting bird to his armour piercing rifle. When i heard about the rifle i was worried that it would be overpowered, but really it isn’t. It doesn’t do that much damage through the armour to make it something i would have an issue with, and his stun gun is also fun to use and have. All in all Crow is a pretty decent character, his only problem in my opinion is that his mastery is too quick, Is is a fault of his kit? i dunno, but i have seen a lot of master crows out today, and that includes myself.

Torvald is… i dunno what to think of him. He looks very nice, and he is actually decent when it comes to learning about the lore, though he is the only one.
I would say that he does too much damage, this is me talking from playing as him, and not against him.
if you have a large enemy like the behemoth or the golaith, it is incredibly easy to land his mortor strike, and thats how it should be, but the mortor comes up to fast. without the reload perk, playing him is easy, empty the mortor, then switch to shotgun, then once that is empty the mortor is already back up to caress the monsters back with its loving goodness.
Although if your doing this combo, there isnt much time for the shrapnel grenade, and honestly it isnt needed, since you do plenty of damage without it, (i swear a good torvald can 1 v 1 a rank 3 behemoth with no armour) which make the mastery a bit difficult, unless you dont mind doing solo so you can spam the shrapnel grenade, since it hilariously has no cooldown.

thats it for the hunters and the monsters, now to talk about the maps… wait, i cant talk about the maps since i have yet to get into a match to play them. I cant seem to find it in the custom games either, are they out to play yet? if not then why does the loading screens talk about them as if they were? I really excited to see the screen talking about the new map, like to say, “awwww man, you ready for this new map? look how colourful it is, it like nothing you have played on yet!” and i’ll be like, “oh snap are we on the new map, man i have been wanting to play on it, it looks quite interesting, man i am so ready for this, OK LETS GO!” and then BAM I’m on Dam…
I’m just confused as to whether they are released yet is all.

ok thats all for the new patch that i want to talk about, oh and good job on the wraith nerf as well.
maybe next match you can include some new game modes huh? huh? and maybe release a bit more info about the lore, and maybe an actual campaign…
I mean i was thinking of a Monster vs Monster gamemode would be nice, Would be sweet to pretend i am Godzilla fighting the Wraith or something, and hey you don’t even need to explain why their fighting since you haven’t explained how they ended up on shear in the first place hehehe.
All jokes aside i think a monster vs monster gamemode would be a lot of fun.

Anyway that was all i had to say, i realise i may not be the best player in evolve so what i have to say may be redundant due to my skill level, but i play Evolve casually, well to be honest i had stopped playing it after 2 weeks after its launch, i got really hyped for it then got super bored of it, i figured that this latest patch would make me interested in it again, and honestly it did, but i am getting bored of it again, just figured i would post this to perhaps make you think about some balance changes.

edit: Oh also i think there is a bug where everyone just randomly freezes and you are forced to leave the match, i believe the freeze affects everyone, not sure if this is just due to connection issues, but when i check it seems everyone is on full bars anyway. It happens often enough for me to add it to this as it is very annoying,
The only good thing about it, is that i can get a good look at the behemoth character model when the freeze happens :stuck_out_tongue:


Nah the freeze happens to me too


Why does everyone think the shield drone is op? It’s worse than Hank’s in every possible way. No, it does not shield indefinitely, it has a limited capacity. No, she can’t just pop another out if it goes down. It takes at least 9-10 seconds from when the player decides to place it until it’s first beam. It’s also really easy to break los. Literally just move the fight to another area of the dome.


I still prefer Hank over Sunny. Sunny is fun…But Hank is better. Actually having control over the shielding, and hey…if the monster goes for ya bombard your feet and watch the monster have a moment of rage and he won’t come after you again. If he does…cloak in the air…Yay


Drone is worse than Hank. Agreed.
But Drone and Sunny together are much better than him. And you get them in one “bundle”…


Much better? Uh… no I don’t think so. Based on the end game averages, they do about the same total damage. She does less shielding, but the jetpack beam should make up for it. So really I just think they’re a bit different styles. Neither one is better.


Intill sunny gets her damage nerfed (which it is) she is way better than hank. The damage she can put out now makes her better.


Why nerf her damage if she is doing about the same as Hank?


She’s not.


He was talking about the person a few posts up saying she was.


Fair enough.

Still, it’s a good bit of information for any discussion regarding Sunny. Her damage is too high.


I enjoy this opinion because it get straight to the facts of both monster and hunter issues from both side i.e. not just hunters are OP pls nerf.


No yeah it is and the Nerf coming shows that she does to much damage.


I dont think it needs to be damage nerfed. Reload speed decrease by 20% should do it. It is also hard as hell to hit a kraken. Especially since the dome absorbs the mini nukes.


Yeah, I would also prefer a reload speed nerf. The end result would be the same in that her damage output wouldn’t be so crushing, and it would force her to make her shots count rather than just spamming endlessly.