What i learned from th first 50 minutes on this forum

  1. Never call hyde a psychopath arsonist around @ToiletWraith, even If he kinda is one
  2. if im ever feeling down ill make a bovine-related pun to summon @MaddCow to draw a cow related meme witch most certainly is not a cow-ardly!
  3. never say anything rabbit related around @MidnightRoses or invite her to easter
  4. @Bear_Stream has just realized his ancestors were spinosauruses
  5. never insult caira in front of @moiser or he will say mean things of me.

as my adventures around the forums progress this thread will surely grow longer(bow-chicka-bow-wow!) with more adventures so stay tuned or whateves.


Pretty much sums it up. Also don’t post pictures if your mom, sister, girlfriend, wife or any girl in general around me.


Yeah, he’ll turn those into a pillow or a screensaver …


Also, everything ever in the game is both OP and UP.

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  1. don’t post girl pics when @Omega369 is on the forums,he’ll probably make it into a screensaver or pillow
  2. everything in-game is OP or UP
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Don’t use those words or you’ll put my name also up there

Pls I’m a dude. I’m also not the one drawing pictures, that’s @ToiletWraith ,I will however make you feel bad when you say mean stuff about Caira. I will also endlessly defend her against people that bash her.


there,fixed it

Mammoth birds will still zap your soul.

But yeah it seems pretty accurate.
Don’t insult Caira
Don’t insult Hyde
Don’t go into balance threads
That basically sums it up

8.balance threads are in the restricted zone and should never be visited
9.mammoth birds are the bane of every evolve players existence


I GNU It was a matter of time before the cow-lvery and the badass bovine himself found me


Oh and remember, Bucket’s sentry gun is always watching your categories, always …



10.BSG is watching us,not in a stalker-way but still,kinda creepy



hears cruncing at 3 A.M “that damn cat better not be eatin mah cheerios again!”

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Just don’t call me Mexican and we’ll be alright :wink:

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  1. unless I want to severly insult him, never call @LosSalvatierras a mexican
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