What i DON'T want to see with tier 5 hunters (if they come)


Not to compare two different 2K games, but pistols and sniper rifles seem to go hand in hand in Borderlands, and they can easily be used at virtually any range if the aim is true enough.


yes but have you done hyde sunny vs a kraken? by far one of the most enjoyable things to do in the game lol. its hilarious and u stay up there for quite some time.

I want an assault who can do that on his own so we dont need sunnys help


One thing I don’t want to see with tier 5 is not to have a single robot. Seriously, concept art is there! Robots! Robots! Robots!


So the new assault is even more broken awesome when you add sunny to his flight mix
I agree that would be rather cool an ability to extend your flight time, possible add some other sweet weapon to synergize with it


it would only feel broken when you want to kill him first. or sunny and the assault are the only ones left lol. but then u go for sunny. and its not so bad anymore. rockthrow still works. airdashing drains the ability faster so thats not a good idea.

so you have vortex, banshee, aftershock, rockthrow, flame breath(sometimes) tongue grab, epic lava bomb, abduct, WB.

i think thats enough to deal with the “broken” air guy, its only him so its not too bad,.


What am I looking at exactly…


…I don’t know… but I fear it could actually exist…


saw that mr hat





oh i thot you deleted it lol. the accidental post


I would REALLY like to see a Trapper that doesn’t use harpoons ore stasis again.


Ya, it was a typo, that leader dude got it though


What about a net that deals damage?


Not a horrible idea. I have no idea how it would be used though :stuck_out_tongue:


caltrops for the next trapper would be cool but it couldn’t bring the monster down so meh


If they were anti-grav caltrops then it would be a cloud of them and the Monsters would not only be slowed in them but receive small DoT.

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nice i didn’t think of that. if they were to add damage to the slow they would have to balance the slowing with the damage.


Maybe make their primary damage weapon the wekest of the Trappers? I know this breaks the rule of thumb for Trapper equipment, but maybe it could be used for Support?


yeah a lesser damaging primary would even it out or a cool down of sort to prevent spamming.
Oooh just had an idea for how he tracks, a flare type thing that reveals sneaking foot prints. Of course they could limit the move with cool downs, the range you can throw it and radius in which the footprints appear just an idea.

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I wanna see a compound bow. Like dude had in Crysis 3.