What i DON'T want to see with tier 5 hunters (if they come)


If they decide to give us a tier 5 set of hunters, I don’t think we need anymore
-shotguns (3 hunters and half the assaults have one)
-short ranged assaults (markov, Hyde, Parnell, and Torvalds primary weapons are very short ranged)
-hunters that share other abilities or are very similar (crows secondary gun slows like Abes grenades and Vals dart, sunny also has a shield generator like hank, Torvalds mortar is similar to orbital strike/auto shotgun like Parnell)

I’m sure there are a few other things that seem redundant with the hunters I’m overlooking, I just want more variety, and the ability to maintain balance. Vals tranq gun + and abes grenades or crows beam rifle = incredibly frustrating behemoth play. I also feel like most of the assaults weapons being so short ranged like Markovs lightning gun and mines, hydes flamethrower and toxic grenades, Parnell/Torvalds shotgun makes fighting kraken and wraith so difficult with the ability to fly and snatch a Hunter across the map.



The only thing I do not want to see in any tier ever again
F#cking shields
If I never see another hunter with a shield, itll be too soon ~.~



A complete Tier 5 is definitely coming, but I’d have to disagree on the Assualts not having long-range possibilites. Each Assault, except for Torvald, has good long-range capabilities and every Assault should have a short-range weapon. Not necessarily a shotgun, but something short-range that deals heavy damage fast or for a long period of time.

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Sorry friend, there’ll be at least one more shield. Devs confirmed it… when they made the assault class ;). Haaaaaaa

I agree on most of the above points but while I don’t want rehashed ideas, I also don’t want any super crazy energy swording, giant dual rocket launcher, magic torpedo flying weapons. In other words, nothing so far out in left field that it just doesn’t make any sense.





maggies smg does as much as markovs AR. specially at long range the AR does too low amounts of damage. goodluck landing rockets as parnell vs a kraken. hyde minigun is more like a MEHgun.torvald vs kraken. not happenin lol. again at close range all 4 of these assaults secondarys do great damage. we need a long range assault now.



So are you thinking more along the lines of an Assault with a high-power sniper rifle and/or scoped AR? Possibly something similar to Crow’s Long Rifle that bypasses armor and damages health directly?



On that point I’d been thinking the past month that the new assault would definitely be interesting if he had a nice heavy, semi-auto rifle as his main. Fires about a shot every half second or so. It’d make aiming a thing again and those weakpoints would finally start having some real use for an assault other than Parnell and occasionally Torvald.



Did I miss the T5 announcement? I only know that there have been 2 officially announced. Dost you have sources?

I’m super curious now. I feel I missed an announcement somewhere.



Just pray to the gods that they don’t get the idea of a lifeswap on the support or stuff like that.



Assault always has a shield :wink:



No, I mean how do we know that there is a confirmed assault?



nope. my idea is more outlandish. a sniper that does decent damage…like parnell rocket damage. but it works in conjunction with the secondary. a 6 cannon missile silo. only works past 20 meters (could be 30).

ill tag my huge post lol it has neat ideas to me.

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Well I’d wager they’ll release another set of 4, though I suppose it is still ‘speculation’



Awww… you got my hopes up. I was wondering if something was said/shown that said specifics :slight_smile:



I see, that would be cool. What are your thoughts on an Assault with a pistol?



I’m sorry friend, but that gun is a little to simple for this game, you are missing the grenade launcher, the flame thrower and drink dispenser on it



unless its from men in black. then it wont make much sense lol.

maybe he was fast as hell and could fire them nonstop…like light bullets or something. a constant stream of damage would be cool. idk how it will help with long range tho.

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I don’t have a link but the devs have said that beyond Tier 5 would depend on whther people are still playing and they are making enough profit to support (no pun intended) more DLC and that the ucpoming Tier is definitely going to happen. I don’t know if any of them came right out and said that there will be 4 new Hunters in the Tier 5 bluntly, but they have said it indirectly.



I believe assaults, in fact every class can for a limited time fly… I’m not sure if I remember correctly, but I’m rather certain that everybody has a jetpack that runs out of fuel way too often