What I Do At Work


So I work at a ceramics place and when it gets slow I draw… comments?


That’s awesome


Nice, looks pretty good. Definitely looks like some concept art of the Kraken. Definitely keep doing it. :wink:


At first I was like, wait what kind of spider is that? Then I realized the picture was tilted and noticed it was Kraken! Looks great man, how long did it take to draw?


Wow. Im pretty speechless right now. I work at a shipping office and spend my day on here


Well done sir! that looks excellent. The shading is particularly boss.


About an hour and a half I wanna say? And thanks everyone, I am glad it was appreciated :smile:


At first I thought it was some new arachnid-like monster. :frowning: Still that’s an amazing piece of art; great shading as well.


Good lord, man. That’s brilliant! Well done! :thumbsup:


8( all my sad faces for not having a talent in drawing (i mess up stick figures) i would love to do concept art and have so meany ideas


I wish I had more time to draw at work. :wink: Good job.


I plan on painting a Evolve themed ceramic mug soon, hopefully it’ll come out good…