What hunters against what monster and why?


I’ve seen people say Lazarus is useless against Wraith and pick this and that one. So, in your opinion, which team of hunters is best against each monster and why?

Just to clarify: I mean it like “Against Goliath = Medic X because, Support Y because” and so on.


Wraith gets destroyed by trap team of Maggie, Bucket, and Markov when they’re defending the generator. Personally, I’d probably add Lazarus to that mix for the ‘just in case’ factor. With proper fuel management, it’s pretty tough for wraith to get a down with all the traps draining it’s health. Even if Wraith does, if you go with Laz they’ll just be up again a few seconds later.


Well in pubs everything can work.But when facing a good monster or lets say playing in a “competitive” match Lazarus is not a viable option.Never.


In PuGs anything can work with any monster. It comes down to using abilities all the time and situational awareness to win the day.


I don’t have a great deal of experience in this game as of yet, but in the first 5 matches i’ve played, the monster NEVER picked. They must just leave the cursor over what they want and wait for the timer to run out. Then I see “WRAITH” but it’s too late for any of the hunters to change character as the match begins loading.

In my experience, it’s the same as most fighting games where people don’t like to let the opponents know what they’re picking.


I have Bucket,Abe,Parnell,and Lazarus against Kraken
Bucket=The Guided Rocket Launcher and turrets will shred a kraken’s armor
Parnell= Rocket Launcher…that is all
Lazarus= On the of chance that someone does get downed.


Could you explain why and what are good choices for hunters against the monster in a “competetive” match?


You’re not meant to see what they pick :stuck_out_tongue:
Everyone has a bar beneath their name which is red when they haven’t chosen, and green when they have. All hunters can see what other hunters pick but the hunters can’t see what the monster has picked and vice versa, until everyone has locked in and can’t change


Obviously but when you play against the same monster player for several rounds, it’s likely they’ll use the same monster


Because against good monster they have no problem killing 1 character like Laz who only got 1 crappy heal.And invisibility is not a problem for them either.So they will just kill Laz give a strike and then run in circles in dome while not getting dmg.That will happen again until Laz has 2 strikes and then its perma death.

Also wildlife hurts.There is always people getting hurt from wildlife and Laz can’t outheal that.You really need a medic in your team be Val or Caira.

Laz will do nothing in the fight.
Again that’s when facing a good monster.

As for good choices right now we go with Val/Cabot/Maggie/Markov.

Maggie has Daisy which is the best there is no need even arguing that.Good monsters are sneaky and they will just sneak away in the different direction.Bottom line you need stage 1 fights as hunters to do some damage to the monster.With Abe or Griffin is harder.Plus the harpoons are imba.

Val or Caira are both viable.As support i’d rate them Cabot>Hank>Bucket.Everyone is good but Cabot has the best tools right now.Dmg amplifier with Markov mines-lighting gun is too good.With Parnell you have to rely on your 100% aiming skills.He is good but you don’t want to loose because Parnell missed most of his attacks.Hyde is also good but good monsters can avoid toxic grenades and Flamethrower isn’t as consinstant as lighting gun.Flamethrower is good but you can’t really tell when its hitting or when it is in range especially when fighting a Kraken.With markov you always know.Also mines are a huge plus but it needs practice on where to place them.Find the best spot in each dome.


I just wanna say that my team consists of Abe (me), Laz (@Twisted), Bucket (friend) and i would prefer Hyde but really any random assault we’ve gotten has worked. This team has worked against any monster on any map and we’re super competitive. The only real time we come close to losing is when assault wanders off and does his own thing leaving us to pick up the slack … at some point we’ll make a thread giving more detail to our team build up and specifics :slight_smile:


This guys new. Just explaining how it works… Some monster players have favorites, but a couple switch it up so you can’t adapt to their strategy


Biggest combo I’m going to suggest is IF you have Laz on your team, the support needs to be hank, to keep people shielded and alive for longer. Hyde’s gas grenades are good for making the monster move of the body as well


Weird, because I have seen people lock in their monster choice before the match started.


You only know when someone has made their final choice.You can’t know what monster you are dealing with until the game is ready to start.If the bar is green that means the Monster has picked Monster and Perk and just waitting for the hunters.Same goes with hunters.But still you won’t be able to see which monster that is.


Gotcha, thanks for clarifying.

As I stated initially, i’m new =)


In general/Against all monsters though? Because I feel like, for example, Hyde especially and also Markov (because of mines) and therefore Cabot are a lot less powerful against the Kraken. Hank maybe too, as Kraken has great AoE.


Cabot’s great against kraken because of his infinitely ranged Railgun, and when Kraken flies, its head is really big, so it’s hard to miss head shot, which is double damage =D


If kraken is flying yes it is a bit.But you can waste some jetpack.Or even better now that i have Markov elite lighting gun i got +10% range.Even if i’m below the kraken the lighting gun can still hit :slight_smile:

And cabot’s rail gun is a beast.When he doesn’t dmg amplifier he can just shoot headshots with it.Especially on Kraken withh that big face.And that’s serious dmg.If i’m correct and Val puts a weak point in head and Cabot shoot it that’s like 40% to half health bar.Its amazing


I feel like Laz can be used in competitive; however, it requires a very attentive team, perhaps even one built around Laz. Support will absolutely need to cloak according to Laz’s Cloak; both of them might need to roll the pre-match Reload/Cooldown perk, unless perks are disabled in actual ranked/competitive matches. If that’s so…as Lazarus says, “Shit!” :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Laz definitely benefits from a Hank support, but I could also see Bucket and Cabot being viable with him. Bucket’s area denial combined with Hyde’s toxic grenade might be enough to get rid of Goliath, and probably enough for Wraith, unless Abduction happens. Hyde’s more Kraken-proof.

If anyone has numbers on cloak times and their cooldowns, that would be great to know. Rolling Cabot will need a really rigid schedule that gets Laz cloaked, and the 30% cooldown pre-match perk:

  • Match should initially start off with Laz very far away from the group; perhaps even outside of the dome.
  • If Laz is forced into the dome, he will need to use his cloak, because the monster will be hard-focusing him. During this time, Cabot will need to be on the monster with his damage amp, maximizing his time with the assault.
  • Ideally, Cabot’s damage amp would have ran out of juice within some amount of time, and by then, he has met up with Lazarus. Cabot cloaks both, and they move to a corner of the dome together, somewhere high up. They both use their long-range primary weapons occasionally when the monster isn’t paying attention. Once Cabot’s cloak is used up, ideally Laz’s cloak would have come back. Cabot moves in with the Assault, while Laz goes somewhere far away.

If Cabot is kept alive throught most of the fight (he can be revived when Laz has his solo cloak, ideally, but it might require Cabot to use his cloak as well, or a Hyde to toxic Cabot’s body), Laz should have a relatively bearable time reviving people. Cabot just needs to maximize damage to really justify his usage with Laz. This also works better with Kraken, if Laz is able to time his revives accordingly with Kraken’s Lightning Strikes, since those have a fairly long windup time.

Sorry I wrote more of a “What do you do with a Laz/Cabot setup” rather than a “What hunters against what monster”, lol.