What hunter would you like to see switch classes?


Hey its Robin here! So Abe and Parnell switching classes huh? Well…I’m not against the idea. I actually think its a cool idea. Like to see TRS is…SWTICHING things up! Get it?! Hahaha! ahh…okay I’ll stop making jokes…Anyway more to the point I have a few hunters l’d like to see switch classes. Mostly because I think it would fit them better. So I wanna know…Which hunters would you guys like to see switch classes?


Well, either Bucket or Cabot are gonna become a Trapper, so…


Really? Like for real?


I would like Emet to switch to the medic class.


Nice pic dude.


Wait…Emet is a medic. :confused:


HE IS ? … :db_stealth_kappa:


Yes. He is. :sweat:


Yeah. There’s only four adaptations left for the first three tiers (which is what they wanted to focus on first). They are Hyde, Laz, Bucket, and Cabot.

It’s already been confirmed that the next four Hunter adaptations are gonna be a Trapper, Assault, Medic, and Support. That means that (although unconfirmed) it’s probably gonna be either Cabot or Bucket who swaps. More than likely Cabot.


Oh okay cool to know. Anyone esle?


I want assault Bucket, but I don’t think we’ll get it :cry:


Ah dont give up hope! I’m sure you’ll get it. I mean…with the homing missles and the turrents I feel like he’s already an assualt. :sweat:


I want to see an assault slim, say he goes gen 2 basilisk soldier by mutating more idk


I kinda think Slim could make it as a trapper. You know because of the bug drone thing?


Assault Caira. Or Assault Mags.


I could see Maggie becomeing an assualt.


Oh yeah maybe, bug drone could also be used as a lock on attack, I would’ve suggested sunny being a trapper. Drones act as sentrys, jetpack booster maybe acting as something that stops monster travesal


None of them


Okay okay! Good nice feed back.
Personally I would like to see Jack as a medic. Emet as a trapper, and Kala as an assualt.


Oh, and although we already know about C-Bucket, there is also H-Hyde, and Phantom Wraith to look forward to.